Fester & Mrs. Newt's BLACK GUM Test Grow

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  1. Here we go! Mrs. Newt and I were among a group of blades that were chosen by OSSC to do a test grow of their BLACK GUM strain, :thankyou:OSSC!

    Black Gum is a cross of Black Domina x Bubblegum....sounds delicious! :love-mj2:

    Lighting: LED - old model Mars-Hydro 200x3w, 600w mixed with some CFL while in veg
    Medium: One in Coco and one in Ferti-Lome soil, both are mixed 50/50 with perlite in 4.5 gallon containers
    Nutrients: Blue Planet 3 part
    Tent: it's a pretty small Apollo 36"x20"x5'
    Germination: dropped directly into slightly moist soil and kept moist daily

    We dropped 2 beans on Feb 23rd and immediately had a cold spell :mad2:, but they finally popped up on the 28th.

    I can't seem to be able to upload pics at the moment, but pics will come soon :passing-joint:
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  2. Subbed up, I'm interested to see how BPN nutes compare to GH on this strain.
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  3. Subbed up can't wait to see how you make out with these beans

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  4. Here we go, had to resize the pics in order to upload :smoking-banana:

    100_2546.JPG 100_2547.JPG
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  5. Subbed up bro

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  6. Thanks for the subs, guys!
  7. Here are the girls at 9 days old and are looking like I may have two different phenos going.
    100_2551.JPG 100_2550.JPG
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  8. Update: 22 days old

    They are looking pretty healthy and are taking full strength nutes, the soil seems to be doing a bit better but is also the Indica leaning pheno.

    I decided to let them grow naturally with no training on this grow to see their structure.
    100_2553.JPG 100_2552.JPG
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  9. 100_2566.JPG 100_2567.JPG 100_2561.JPG 100_2559.JPG So here we are at 28 days old, the soil seems to be doing better at this point. Feeding full strength nutes according to the feed chart. Top and side views
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  10. Pulling up a chair.......:smoke:
  11. Update: 40 days

    Looks like the coco is catching up 100_2582.JPG
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  12. I've been super busy with a job change and I haven't updated in a while, here are the ladies at 2 weeks in flower.

    The coco plant has outgrown the soil plant. The coco also has better lower branching and will deffinately have a better yield if it keeps up this pace.

    100_2592.JPG 100_2591.JPG
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  13. Haven't updated in a while, but here we are at 4 weeks of flower, they didn't stretch too much and I've never seen such dense pistols...and the smell is super sweet if you touch a bud. So many pistols that you can't really see any green growth inside.

    Just hit them with their first flowering nutes yesterday
    100_2613.JPG 100_2614.JPG 100_2615.JPG 100_2616.JPG 100_2618.JPG
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  14. Here we are at 5.5 weeks of flower....my lighter stinks now, lol

    100_2621.JPG 100_2624.JPG 100_2632.JPG 100_2625.JPG

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  15. Week 7 of flower, nice and fruity/skunky smelling! Can't wait for the next run of these; I will be topping the shit outta them and filling the tent to the max :love-mj2:

    100_2647.JPG 100_2646.JPG 100_2645.JPG
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  16. I pulled my 2 Black Gum out today to take some good pics and found some little nanners on both of them. They were just a few days shy of 8 weeks in flower and had all cloudy trics with just a few amber, soooo....chop chop!

    Here are the two main colas, drying box is full so Mrs. Newt is happy. I will be doing another one on the next run and will be doing a bit of everything to make a bushy bush out of it. My estimated yield on these two plants is 4oz total and will post results after dry.

    100_2665.JPG 100_2659.JPG 100_2661.JPG 100_2660.JPG 100_2655.JPG 100_2651.JPG 100_2650.JPG 100_2649.JPG 100_2648.JPG
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  17. I got both Black Gums dried, de-stemmed and jarred up for the cure. We ended up with 4oz + 5 grams, I figure we'll lose the 5 grams during the cure...happy with that for sure.

    I already have another BG in the ground for the next run, thanks again OSSC for the opportunity to test these babies!

    I went ahead and bought the full line of Blue Planet Elite 3 part nutrients. It set me back a few bucks but I can't wait to see what the rest of the line will do. I still have a few RQS Special Kush and a Positronics SuperCheese in flower that will get blasted with the new stuff when I get it.
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  18. I wish I had taken more pics at harvest but did get a pic of the most impressive to me...the two main colas
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And I wish I had thought to take pics of the jars before we started smoking the shit out of it, lol , plus gave some to a bud but here is what's left
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  19. I suck at smoke reports but here goes; keep in mind that this is not cured.....when you open a jar you can smell a nice skunk drift from across the room.

    When you stick your nose in the jar it smells like a carbonated citrus alcoholic drink? Not sure at this point...the high is nice but still a bit harsh because of not being cured yet.

    It's bound to improve greatly after cure if it doesn't get smoked by then, lol.

    At this point the smoke at first tastes a bit like froot-loops and then turns to a piney taste and then at exhale you get a very nice skunk taste!

    I would definitely recommend growing Black Gum, I had no problems with it at all.
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