fertz ? pleaze help thanx

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  1. hello first of all i have purchased three grow books from amazon.com. And in the fertz section it says your plants like lots of fertz but not so much to burn or harm your babies. i was just wondering if this set up would work. i have a small pot filled with miracle grow potting mix for my seedlings, when those get about six inches tall im going to transplant into a 3 gallon bucket and start flowering when the plants reach 1 ft tall. will the plant live and get buds if i dont fert and will the miracle grow soil be enough,and also is 3 gallons enough for a plant that i start 12/12 at 1 foot thanx for any advice.

    P. S. im just trying to keep the world green for generations to come and i hope i will develop into a great grower thanx.
  2. Go to www.growmedicine.com
    you will get all the answers you are looking for.
    3gal will work but 5gal are better, and yes you need to fert because your babies need the nutrients.
  3. Hi Kool, When you begin ferting start with something high in Nitrogen for vegative growth a 20-10-10 would be fine. When you begin ferting start at 1/4 strength of manufacturers recomendation and work your way up. When you switch lighting to begin flowering you need to change to a fert high in potasium a 10-20-10 would be fine. I personally use a 10-50-10 when my plants go into full bloom. A good rule of thumb is to water-water-fert and so on........Good Luck

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