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  1. ok im currently growing.. heres my grow journal


    i am not using any ferts due to trhe merical grow soil.. but irecently transplanted it to soil with no firts.. except whats left of the merical grow.... should i fertalise it or will i be fine without ferts... also if i should i need to know what to get.. i really can only get stuff from the home depot... also how do i mix it.. how should i??
  2. all depends what stage you are in. Those sites wouldnt load for me? Justtook me to home depot home page.

    If ur vegging, use somthin along the lines of 10-10-10, if ur flowering, use somthin along the lines of 10-50-10
  3. im sory but the 10-10-10 and 10-50-10 makes no sence to me
  4. hI. stylez 1877 is talking about NPK..ferts have an NPK reading on them somewhere.the numbers stylez 1877 gave you are the ones youre looking for...N=nitrogen P=phosphorous K=potassium if i remember correctly...for veging the 10/10/10/ is good and for flowering 10/50/10 is good...dont worry if you cant find the exact same numbers there only a guide....laters jay
  5. To round it up, check out this GREAT plant abuse guide. Helped me out before: http://www.overgrow.com/growfaq/97
    or check stylez1877 signature, he has a nice thread on this one too.
  6. yeh, THC summed it up pritty good, i should have been more elaborate:)

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