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  1. What kind of fertilizer do I need for my plants? I know I should start after 21 days, but I don't know what chemiclas to add. Please help.
  2. anything 30-15-30 will do.
  3. You want a high N low P for veg from seed. Any vegtable fert is good. Keep the doses to the recomended levels for tomatoes.
  4. and keep the ferting down while in veg because it builds up salts and can lower your yeild in flower. Save the ferts for flower but is ok to give 1-2 ffesing while in veg about 3 weeks apart if you really want.
  5. or feed lower doses ever other feeding and flush every two weeks.
  6. or grow organic and never have to flush.
  7. YAY!!!!!! Grow with POOP!!!!!!!!! ;)
  8. You need much more then manure to grow a healthy plant, and manure is at the bottom of the organic spectrum. You need to make mixes with bone meal, blood meal, fish emulsion, compost, bat guano, and wormcastings. Not all at once but depending on what the plant needs and what stages its at veg and ealry to late flower.
  9. and all those organics stink. so keep that in mind
  10. ?? organics is the way to grow if you want to re-use the plot or soil. Crucial for outdoor growing if in-ground so you dont end up with a salt built up fert biohazard. aAd for stealth mid size indoor grows so you dont need to buy soil and dispose of soil.
  11. oh not doubt for outdoors, indoor too! was just pointing out it will smell your shit up :)
  12. ok i hear ya they smell bad i thought you ment they stink as in are bad.
  13. nah! lol, i would have used them, a friend of mine is using and whoa, his shits pugent and he has a bug prob. poor guy

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