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  1. whats up??

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew any real good fert for an indoor garden that is good for vege and has all the primary nutrients and the trace elements that the good old chronic needs!!! It has to be a like a real well known brand cos i dont live in the states or europe.....

    I'm thinking of starting my potting mix with dolomitelime, worm castings/liquid seaweed...... then starting fertilsing a little later good idea???? is there anything else I should add to the potting mix besides maybe some pumice???

    Oh yeah one other thing anyone growing bubblegum or durban poison from Nirvana Seeds?? If so was it good??

    Thanks for the help!!
  2. just started 1 pack of bubblegum seeds, 10 seeds ,8 of them germanated within 24 hours they are 2'' tall now try to post more later good luck
  3. How did you germinate them???
    The seeds I got were kinda pale so im hoping they will still do the trick......I'll let you know how thwy get on
  4. worm castings/liquid seaweed will work fine, I'd wait a few weels before you start using them though.

    Any 10-10-10 fert you can find it fine for plants about 30 days or older.

    And on germination ,theres a whole guide, do a search for a post called Germination420

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