Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tusa, May 30, 2003.

  1. what is the best fertilizes to use during the veg. state and which is the best during the flowering state? I have just bought 17-17-17 pellets that you sprinkle on the mud around the plant. Is this a good fert to use? Any advice Sid?
  2. 17-17-17 is fine for the veg stage well dats what im using and i'd use a water fertilizer for the flowering stage to keep the soil moist and fertilized...peace:)
  3. use a soluble fert, any tomato fert will work....more like 7-7-7, or like 10-10-10.......and dilute it well, give it a weaker mix and then slowly increase........Peace out.......Sid

    ps but only if the plant is 21 days or older
  4. i wanted to know, how much do u dilute it. put in a little less then the fertilizer tells you to, in a gallon of water, or what?

  5. put in approx 1/2 what they tell you to, and add the same amound of water as they say.......and then you can increase from there....Peace out........Sid

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