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  1. what is the best fert to use when u just start growing. like 1-2 weeks old. i some some 10-50-10 peters super bloom with micro nutrients. is this good?
  2. 1- 2 weeks it shouldnt need ferts yet, if u insist on givin it to em just use like 10-10-10 till flowering, then during flowering use that 10-50-10 one..
  3. some good advice!....usually there is enough fert in the soil naturally for approx 21 days, and the fert you have is a flowering fert.......Peace out....Sid
  4. is 10-15-10 liquid plant food ok for a young plant
  5. No, that is a flowering fert you have...you need something with a higher N and K in the NPK like 20-20-20 or 10-5-10. The N is nitrogen and makes leaves green, the K is Potassium and it is for good root growth. The P is Phosphorus and it's for flowers.
  6. The only fert i could get for growing was a 15-13.1-12.4
    Im gonna Find a different 1 for Budding, but is this 1 ok ?
  7. Yea, that'll do just fine for vegging.
  8. i just got some 10-10-10 that is ok for veg right ???
  9. yes....Peace out....Sid

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