Ferts or No Ferts that is the question...

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Headie, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. ok i am growing outside in what seems to be pretty good soil, i dug 25 holes, filled them with pottin soil with perelite and planted 50 seeds that were soaked in water for 24hrs, the soil seems very good ( the dirt already there) but i am not posative, it is in a valley in the woods i was just wondering if u guys think ferts are necessary and if so which ones i was thinking something like a 1-1-1 water soluble 1 for veg and then something with alot of the middle number for flower, also how good is mulch to put on top? Any Help please
  2. i so stuck right now, im trying whart i would realy like to do is just bring a bag of worm castings or something down and put on top soil but im not sure hot good that would work and then bat guano for flower im stuck
  3. just wait and see what your seeds do first. you wouldn't have to worry about using ferts for atleast 2 weeks, if ever... outside roots can get the ferts from other dead plant material and such, where you can't inside, so it's less necessary outside in the ground, but i'm sure some people probably still do it...
  4. ya but how much better would it be to fert or would it be better?

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