Ferts? Expert help please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lacrossestar, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. when do i start adding ferts to my out side grow? its just a baby cause i want it to get real big and if i just did it organicly how would i go about doing that and adding like nutriuents to it this way do i need a compost pile and i have some potting soil mixed in with the regular dirt wat should i do this is only my second grow any my dad doesnt know about it so im on my own and really need the help from u guys
  2. KISS.....keep it simple stupid.......lol....(not calling you stupid).......i don't grow outdoors, but for plants start off with a week solution after 20 days, if you buried it with regular purchased soil......and you can gradually increase strength when needed....the MJ plant will take a lot of fert if needed over a long period of time.....Peace out.......Sid
  3. man just go with whatever sid says he knows his shit a big holla at sid lol anyways but you need to know whtas in your soil and what youve got if your really serious about it but hell man itll grow in the rocjks damnn near lol its a tuff fucikin weed lol good luck though
  4. weak solution being about
    then when you begin flowering get somthin around the lines of
  5. what is 10-10-10 or 10-60-10 sorry, i dont get what that means :)
  6. on the back of the fert it will have N-P-K numbers....N=Nitrogen P=Phosphorus, and K=Potassium.....hence the numbers like 10-60-10......Peace out....Sid
  7. oh ok, thanks
  8. Get the one with the most potassium and throw a gallon of water on it...
  9. No! Potassium is the K in NPK and it doesn't need all that much...maybe you meant Phosphorus for while in flowering?
  10. It would have a reaction..... You can make bombs with fertlizer..
  11. bombs? really? thats preety weird.
  12. well if it creates a reaction like that DONT TELL PEOPLE TO DO IT!!
    someone just browsing can get seriously hurt if they try that before they read the rest of the post

    but eh im just stond an dlooking out for the interest of you all!
  13. it wud b a hell of a smoke tho wudnt it lol
  14. lol, be a big bud bang!

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