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  1. I water my plants every two to three days with 30-10-10. on the directions it says for constant feeding use one teaspoon per gallon. my question is should i keep doing what i am doing, can i water them daily, or should i use more fertilizer when i water them every 2 to 3 days
  2. try hitting them with a heavier concentration. try doubling your fert. If the leaves do not start curling or turning yellow you are ok. If the do start turning flush with water for a few days and then adjust your fert. Different strains are more or less accepting to stronger fert. I have two outdoor strains that I have constant drip system on with a fert mix of 28-4-4.
  3. do you use more as the plant gets bigger
  4. Once I find that magic amount that does not wilt them or turn them yellow I stick with it through most of the growing process. Every strain is different and you have to take into consideration the types of fertilizer, weather, soil, the ability for the soil to hold moisture, etc,etc,etc. Experiment, that is part of the fun of growing. Making bigger, badder, bud takes time and patience.

  5. That all depends on how they look,,what size are they?, do they look healthy? What brand is the fert you are using?

    Don't overwater..let the topsoil dry an inch or so between each watering....

  6. plant is two feet tall and I use K. grow as my fertilizer. the plant is looking good and healthy in the dirt
  7. when my plant starts to flower what type of fertilizer is the best to get i know the middle number suppose to be high i just want to know what is the best out there . Oh and I am planting in soil.I heard Kabloom is 2-46-25 would this be the best

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