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  1. I know you should start introducing fertilizers @ around the 3-4 wk. But how often do you fertilize plants? I'll be growing in soil using foxfarm nutes, I think you should fertilize every 2 wks or so am I wrong? And should I flush everytime after feeding or once a month? Or just fertilize when plants show signs of needing them?

    I am afraid of using nutes, in fear of over doing it lol.

    Thanks! :)
  2. One other ? is after using grow big through veg stage after inducing flowering is there any period I should wait before adding tiger bloom nutes or just start using it as soon as I start flowering, thanks again.
  3. Dont be afraid of using nutes....read your labels and you will be fine...if you're off by small amounts here and there it's not going to kill your plants, I fertilize once a week and never have any problems...but everyone does everything differently and every fertilizer is different, you'll get the hang of it.
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    I also fertilize once per week. I'm using the whole fox farm product line that appears on their fert schedule.http://foxfarmfertilizer.com/soilfeed.pdf

    I'm also using molasses 1 tbsp per gallon. I'm 5 weeks into flowering and using about 1/2 gallon of water twice a week. One day is just water and molasses and the other day is with the ferts.

    This is my first grow, but I haven't had any probs with overfeeding and I have some nice fat nugs on my girl :hello:
  5. i have to jump in here, i have a question, for those who use fox farm. is it table spoon or tea spoon. I have been taking it to be tea spoon, which is a lot smaller then a table spoon.
  6. I use organic ferts, BioCanna and my own Russian comfrey fert. I alternate between the two and tend to fert fairly heavily, every other watering when the plants are growing rapidly.
  7. Three teaspoon = one tablespoon.

    I use a teaspoon.
  8. I mix about 2-3 tablespoons(actually I just give a quick pour) into a gallon of water and I alternate just water, then nutes every other day. You might think this is extreme but my plants are loving it. I started once they were about 4 inches tall and were growing the 2nd set of leaves. (2 weeks old)

  9. That does seem extreme...as long as you aren't seeing any signs of nute burn, go for it! I would be cautious though.....

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