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  1. Can someone give some advice or point me to a guide about fertilizing? Specifically for indoor soil growing. To me this is the most confusing part and good info is hard to find.

    I'd like to know about what kind of fertilizer to get, when to fertilize, how to fertilize, etc.
  2. How many plants are u planning on growing?
  3. One or two.
  4. Have you already chosen what soil you will be using?
  5. Probably just some potting soil from Home Depot.
  6. Give me a sec to respond - I want to make sure I don't miss any steps.
  7. may i recommend fox farm ocean grow soil from the local hydro store.
  8. Try and make 2 plants if possible. 1 plant will need liquid nutes and the other won’t. Both systems work well. It all comes down to what you’re comfortable with.

    Plant 1


    - ph test kit – tests the ph(acidity) level of your water
    - PH up/down formulas – they adjust the ph level of your water
    - potting soil
    - perlite – contains no nutes but helps drainage and helps create pathways for oxygen to reach the roots
    - grow(veg) and bloom(bud) liquid fert - A liquid fert is a water soluble liquid food that you add to the water you water your plants with. Although the potting soil will have nutes in it, the plant will eat them up quickly so you're going to need liquid ferts. Buy any 2 part grow(veg) and bloom(bud) liquid nutes and make sure that they have micro-nutrients already added.

    process/feeding schedule

    1 - mix soil with perlite 50/50

    2 - For the first 2-3 weeks of the plants life, only feed it ph'd (level 6.5) water - no liquid nutes added to the water because nutes are already in the soil.

    3 – After the 2-3 weeks the plant will have eaten the nutes in the soil. You’ll need to add liquid ferts every second watering to feed the plant. Start by adding ¼ strength grow(part a) nutes and then ph(level 6.5) your solution. Usually the manufacture will give instructions on how much fert to add - for example they might say to add 5ml nutes for every liter of water. The number they give you is full strength – start with only ¼ of full strength.

    4 - gradually increase the concentration of nutes as your plant becomes established. You'll need to be careful with increasing concentration. How dark green the leaves are will tell you how it's eating. Light green could eat more nutes and dark green is eating too much nutes.

    5 - Keep increasing nute concentration until you've reached full strength. Feed at full strength for the rest of the grow/veg cycle.

    6 - When you start budding your plant (12/12 light cycle switch from 18/6 hour cycle induces budding) you will need to stop adding grow(part a) nutes and start adding bloom(part b) nutes. Pump full strength nutes until the last 2-3 weeks of budding.

    7 - When hairs start going brown you have 2-3 weeks left before you cut down your plant. For those last 2-3 weeks feed only water to flush the plant.


    Plant 2

    Use the following soil recipe - http://www.drugs-forum.co.uk/growfaq/428.htm

    This soil recipe only requires that you add ph’d(level 6.5)water. The nutes will be in the soil already, so you will not need to add liquid ferts. Just water whenever needed.


    Water thoroughly and let the soil go dry to the point you see the leaves start to slightly droop and then water again thoroughly. Some people let the top 3 inches of soil dry and then water again. I like to watch the plant. You could do either one.
  9. Awesome. Thanks for the detailed reply.

    + Rep.

    BTW, why do you suggest different methods for each plant?
  10. There isn't only one way to grow a plant. I'm just showing you the options you have so you could get experience in both and see which method works best for you. Both methods have pros and cons.

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