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    How can i give my plant flowering nutes (15/30-15) if its in miracle gro 21-7-14 soil .can i give it 1/4 strength of the flowering nutrients without it harming the plant ? She has been alive since early october 2013 and was put into the cfl speaker stealth grow box around dec 10 .it is 2 weeks into flower . 3 13 W 425 lumen cfl
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    You would've gained a lot more with proper training methods and better lighting than trying to force-feed your plant. I've had disappointing results before (not saying anything about your grow, just that you obviously want bigger results) and feeding it more than it can use is never a good thing. Every environmental factor influences every other, and overcompensating in one area (nutrients, for example) to make up for deficiencies in another (training, lighting, soil) won't do any good. Balance is the key to getting the best results.
    When the plant can use extra nutrients it will let you know. Feed her and you'll get a good idea of what nutrient burn looks like, something all growers have experienced so it will still be educational. Cheers and good luck!! :bongin:
  4. http://www.scotts.com/smg/goprod/miracle-gro-bloom-booster-flower-food/prod70352/ thats what you need. If i ever grew in miracle gro (which i wouldn't) i wouldn never feed, just transplant into fresh soil. MG has time released nutes so feeding it will more than likely burn it. My three tips are to find a new soil, like something from a hydro shop thats made for what you're growing. More light, only the top 1/3 of that plant is getting usable light. Anything under 6 inches with a cfl isn't doing anything worth a shit. Lastly do some type of training, top, supercrop, lst, scrog. Whatever you have to do to get it to get the canopy even.
  5. no miracle grow dont have the neccessary macro nutes.......youll suffer for it.
  6. Which is one of the main reasons i'll never grow in it. I just didn't wan't to get into all of that because frankly it's not going to matter anyway lol.
  7. If there are nutes in the soil then adding more nutes isn't going to help anything.
    How long have they been in that soil? I might recommend a good flush if the soil has been used for a while and most of the time-released nutes have been dissolved, but if there still are a lot of those time-released nutes in there then a flush could just dissolve even more of them into the soil.
    Lesson: do not use soil with time-released ferts.

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