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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by JMcM08, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. So its my first time trying to grow weed! I have 13 plants growing in a nice sunny spot outdoors, dug in holes filled with good topsoil. So far, there are some really healthy looking plants that are where they should be in terms of height, and a few that are smaller. Because of the location i cannot be there as much as i would like to and for the most part they are just growing naturally. They have been in the ground for about a month, and im wondering when should i start adding fertilizers to the soil? What would give me the best results, and where can i get it? For the record, i dont know what types of plants they are, seeing as how the seeds were just pulled out of buds that ive bought.
  2. you can apply soluble fish emulsion usually about a tblspoon to a gallon of water. you can start now and you should be able to find it at garden centers. its organic and contains valuble nitrogen essential for vegetative growth. for flowering youll need something different. if its rainy you can apply a dry granular fertilizer around them just not too much cuz youll burn the roots.
  3. yo man thats the complicated shit. ill explain it to you plain and simple JMcM08. this is very important right here. the three major plant nutrients are (1) NITROGEN, (2) PHOSPHORUS, (3) POTASSIUM. N-P-K. so your plants are in vegatative state right now. they will be in vegatative state until mid summer or something, that doesnt matter right now. for vegatative state your plants need NITROGEN, that is the N in N-P-K. you need to find fertilizer and look if it has more NITROGEN then the other 2. you do this by looking at the numbers, for example, 13-4-5, is a good fertilizer to use on vegatitve plants because there is 13 percent of nitrogen in the fertilizer, more then the rest. now if you have 4-12-4 then that would be good fertilizer for when your plants are flowering, because you dont need as much nitrogen. once again, i dont know exactly how to find out when your plant is flowering, but it RELE wont mater because you will only be fertilizing one a week at max. you do not want to over fertilize, you know you are over fertilizing when the plants leaves start to bend back, vertically and when the tips of your plant are yellowing. you are fertilizing JUST right when your plant leaves are beautifully green. good luck, happy growering, and remember, N-P-K +N when vegatative and +P when flowering.
  4. i have a quick question, is the N-P-K just soil or do you buy it as a powder and dissolve it in water and water your plants with it?
  5. Liquid , and some are a powder. Dissolves in water and you feed it through watering your plants and you can foliar feed(spray it on the leaves). Foliar feeding is a weaker mix than the directions on the bottle/box.
  6. thanks man, i'm going to head to my local garden center and get some nitrogen for my pretty babies to veg :)
  7. Sounds good my man, do a half dose of what the package recommends first and see how the plant responds after a few days.
  8. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Osmokote slow release fertilizer. I have used it for over 10 yrs. in my vegetable garden, and for the past year and a half on my "herb" garden. It provides continuous nutrients for 3 months and I have NEVER burned any plants using it. When my girls go into flower, I supplement with some Bloom Booster water soluble fert. that provides more Phosphorus.

    Any balance (10-10-10 or something like it) fertilizer will be fine.

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