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  1. ive got some clones outdoor and I just need a set of fertilizers for veg and flower phases. what would be best for being on a budget and where can I get them?

  2. Compost. You can get it from your yard for free.
  3. [SUB]I mean like nutrients not soil[/SUB]
  4. Compost is nutrients and soil. Dead fish help also
  5. ok well what can I use to supplement them? or help them grow better and stronger
  6. will fish emulsion help in both stages?
  7. Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Oyster Meal, Crab Shells, Fish Hydroslate, Seaweed Extract, Mexican Bat Guano, Jamaican Bat Guano, Peruvian Bat Guano, Horse Manure, Chicken Manure, Cow Manure, Compost, Mushroom Compost, Earth Worm Castings.
  8. and all that you listed will help in both stages? but not every thing listed one or the other?
  9. Each does its own thing.
  10. anything else to supplement that? I know you need a certain amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium so it should cover it all?
  11. Heavy harvest summer and fall blend.

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  12. what is one good nutrient blend of NPK mostly organic? I have blood meal which is real high in nitrogen and some Humboldt nutrient that I think is neutral in P and K so can I mix this all together and it should hold me down for a while?
  13. There is a lot of good information on this site (But beware of those who don't know shit "wanna be's") In the gardens thread is good & here is another very good one http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-medical-marijuana-growing/972868-old-school-grow-advice-member-cheap-old-basterd-club.html?view=findpost&p=18145807&hl=sg1 read & look for yourself you will soon see who knows something & who doesn't consider any advice given carefully & you will find what you need, good luck with your project
  14. the best fertiliser ever, is free
    Urine, contains all the nitrogen pottasium and vital minerals a plant will ever need
    youll need to dilute it down cause its so good
  15. for vegging.....blood meal (since you have it already) corn meal,alfalfa meal, kelp meal and black strap molasses
    for flowering.....bone meal (if you care to order it would be best to get the powdered water soluble one), high P bat guano, molasses and kelp meal
    brew teas for your plants with these ingredients and feed them said teas & they'll be straight.I would go with corn meal again in flowering since it's an organic source rich in N & P
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    I am currently using Vigoro all purpose plant food. I will use botannicare hydoplex for the flowering stage.This is for my own personal meds. If it was for someone else, I would not use manufactered chemmies.
  17. Composted manure from a stable/farm/dairy. Most will give it away, if you're willing to haul.

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