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  1. My plant is about a week old and looking good, I want to start using fertilizer but I really don't understand anything when it come to fertilizers and how to use them:

    -What kind should I get at this stage?
    -How much do I use?
    -How do I give it to the plant? Do i just put it on top of the soil of ir I have to mix it in how do I do that without taking the plant out?

    Thanks alot for answering theese questions guys

    One Love
  2. Don't feed for at least another week, young sprouts are too sensitive to take ferts.

    Start with a vegging fert, which is any fert in which the first of the 3 numbers shown is the biggest or equal to the others, for example 10-10-10 or 20-10-5. Those numbers represent the 3 biggest nutrients plants need: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. You can get a general-purpose chemical fert or you can go organic. Most of these are water soluble and will have instructions as to how much to mix per gallon of water. Follow those directions, except when you very first start feeding sprouts mix at 1/4 strength and slowly build up the concentration in subsequent feedings until you are at full strength. Feed every other watering but not more than once a week.

    When you switch to flowering you will need to switch your fert at that time.
  3. okay thanks alot man, about how often should I water my plant??
  4. You need to do a lot of reading, all this basic info is already covered. Check the sticky posts, read deep through this forum, hit the links in my sig.

    You water when the plant needs it, not based on a certain number of days. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, to test stick a finger in to the first knuckle to see if it is moist below the surface.

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