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  1. Looked around and Havnt seen the answer to this question yet.I constantly hear about liquid fertilizer and it almost seems like something that is just assumed to be better because I always here talk about liquid fertilizers and than no explanation as to why it's better than regular fertilizer.
    So really I'm just asking why I can't just use regular fertilizer and mix it in with the soil
  2. For most here (organics forum), water is the only liquid used and dry amendments are either added to the soil mix or used in a top dress.
    Liquid nutes are pretty much avoided as unecessary and expensive. Why pay for water?
    Plenty of info here about just what you are asking.

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  3. so would it be effective if I ran to home depot or lowes and picked up a bag of fertilizer and mixed it in with the soil occasionally?
  4. I think most people on this organics side of the forum run no till setups. What that means is they mix their soil one time initially putting in all their ingredients into in their pots/beds etc. and use that same soil for many seasons occasionally adding amendments to the top no mixing required. You should check out the 2 stickied threads

    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners

    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
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  5. Fertilizer is a VERY broad term. Was there something specific you had in mind?

    And what kind of soil are you referring to?

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  6. We never 'Run' in the Organics forum

    and never to a commercial corporate rippoff as you describe

    we may wander or cruise but never run

    you may get a better reply in the bottles sewage subfourm ..lol
  7. Damn your so cool.I wanna be just like you.LOL thanks for the "help"
  8. The advantage of a liquid fertilizer is that it gets down to the root zone and works quickly. You will observe the effects faster. Organic gardeners use liquid fertilizers all the time. Kelp teas, Worm cast teas, compost tea, AACT, SST, all of these count as liquid fertilizer. Foliar sprays will be the fastest acting.
    As for mixing fertilizers with the soil, that's what everyone who makes their own soil mix does, so you're on the right track.
    Topdressing dry fertilizer has its own advantages too.
    As for what is better - the only thing better is to have more tools at your disposal.

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