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  1. So dumb question but i was wanderin if fertilizer and plant food are the same thing. I got expert gardener brand all purpose plant food thinking it was fertilizer.. please help..

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  2. Yes they are

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  3. Thank you :) i added waaayyy less than 1/4 a teaspoon into a little spray bottle with water

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  4. Umm. How far are you into the grow?

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  5. 3 weeks into flowering..... what did i do...

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    You never see hydro growers referring to their chemical nutrients as fertilizer, only soil growers do that and I think it's a conflation between organic and artificial methods.
    Technically, that stuff is straight up poison to most forms of life so calling it 'fertilizer' is a contradiction in my book. Sort of like calling those volcanic vents on the bottom of the ocean 'fertile' because there's one species of bacteria that can live there. Not that there's anything wrong with using chemical nutrients properly, I just think they're far too narrow and specific in their purpose (the correct dosage being a very small margin in a sea of variables) to be called fertilizer. Under most conditions my bottled nutrients are no more fertile than any other household chemical.
    When you grow organically, you're not feeding the plants directly, you're feeding the web of life that supports your plants, like a food chain. Fertilizing your soil means that you are introducing, or maintaining that web of beneficial life. A good fertilizer has plenty of nutrients in it, but nutrients alone are not fertilizer. When I feed my plants chemically I think of it as by-passing the fertilization process. Nothing wrong with either method, this is just my take on the subject :)
  7. This is what i got

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  8. Should work fine, just remember to get plenty of runoff with each watering to prevent buildup.
  9. Yes, I would make sure that you get about a quart of runoff for every gallon. Runoff is the water that seeps through the soil and collects in the saucers under the pots.

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