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  1. Hey, I have some questions about fertilizer. I got a set From ATA Organics including Root-C, Flower-C, Growth-C, Bloom-C, Flavor-C and Alga-C. It came with a fertilization plan, but the plan only has 10weeks. One week is 18h light and 9 are 12h light. I just stopped givin my 4 week old plants the Root-C and right now Im givin em Growth-C and Bloom-C. In the third week on the plan though it says that I should already be using the Flower-C and the Alga-C but this doesnt seem right to me because Im still planing on keeping them in vegetatice growth for another few weeks. The Growth-C is :2.66% phosphoric Pentoxide, 5.42% potassium Oxide, 0.39% Natrium Oxide, 0.28% Calcium Oxide, 1.91% Magnesium Oxide, 0.74% Sulphate Oxide. The Bloom-C is :0.6% Nitrogen, 19.51% Phosphoric Pentoxide, 16.49%Potassium Oxide, 0.23% Natrium Oxide, 0.28%Calcium Oxide and 0.20% Magnesium oxide. Ive been givin the plants about 0.75ml/litre of each of the Bloom-C and growth-C. Is this enough?Should I already use a bit of Flower-C or Alga-C?

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