fertilizer question.

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  1. I would like some info on fertilizing outdoor plants.

    I used a root promoter when I planted but i do not know what to use for veg stage or when to start.
    I would also like to ask if I'm making a mistake by not breaking up the soil in the whole growing area?
    I cannot use a tiller due to the location.
    can anyone give me a little advice please?
  2. K.I.S.S. - keep it simple stupid.

    Always remember its called weed because it will grow anywhere,anytime,anyplace

    Yes you can break the ground up with a turning fork, shovel, or any other digging tool. Just make sure to keep breaking it up until the soil is not clumpy. If its very clayey, get a bag of soil conditioner - a fancy word for undigested/partially digested compost from Lowes home depot etc....

    Fertilizer go with Schultz brand water soluble ferts, couple teaspoons per gallon every other week from beginning to end.
  3. Thanks for the help.

    should i use a general fert throughout the cycle or change to a blooming mix when they start flowering to produce a higher yield?
    will they produce a higher yield if i change to a blooming mix @ this point?
  4. Buy the blooming kind and leave it at that. It'll be fine for the entire life cycle and you'll save money on ferts. You do want more blooms and flowers rather than fan leaves and stems, don't you?

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