Fertilizer on miracle grow soil?

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  1. I wonder i need foxfarm on miracle grow or it will be too much? Is this soil already fertilized? it says feed up to six months please help. Thanks
  2. generally everyone recommends to avoid MG products. They use a lot of time release nutrients to feed the plants that usually end up causing more issues than they help. If you have fox farms, I would just repot the plant into a pot with just the fox farms and try to remove as much as you can of the MG soil from the root ball when you transplant.
  3. That mg is slow release, eventually it may need a feed, but the stuff is smoking hot and stays smoking hot for a while
    Best of luck

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  4. Thanks, I still need molasses candy bud , spur see etc on flower stage if decide stay with mg?
  5. I meant sour dee
  6. if you stay with MG you should be very careful putting anything into that soil since its all time released. You will have to watch the plant and listen to her, but it will be very difficult with that time released MG shit in there.
  7. I'm switching it thanks
  8. I used MG my first grow and used nutes after about 2 mths...had a little N burn but overall it's a great plant. Using fox Farms nutes now and it was transferred into a pot with fox Farms soil before flowering. First is the nutes used before fox Farms... Second is before transfer to fox Farms soil. 3rd is now.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Wow that's a beauty, Thanks for sharing. I hope mine comes out like that, when you say nutes is same as fertilizer?

    Does foxfarm soil has fertilizers on it like mg or I can just start using foxfarm fertilizer on the foxfarm grow right away?
  10. Nutes...this is the fox Farms trio I used. It is safe to use throughout the plants life. I used half the amount the instructions called for on the first few feedings just for safety! I personally wouldn't feed a seedling... Maybe wait a few weeks. Lots of people use molasses or sugar added to water at first and throughout. I just started as well. Good luck! Keep us posted!![​IMG]

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