Fertilization and outside growing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BIGJIM7, May 21, 2010.

  1. :wave:High all Big Jim here, I have been growing indoors and I have a gallon of liquid bat guano and budswell that I used indoors. I have moved in with my G/F and she has teenagers so I can no longer grow inside. My question is can I mix the guano and budswell with the water and use outside as I did inside. Any info or suggestions on outside growing will be appreciated. This is my first outdoor grow so I used some seeds I got from some of the better pot I have had so I wanted to experiment a little before purchasing good seeds. Well that is about all for now. This is the Ole hippie Big Jim signing out burn one for me :smoke:
  2. I feed my plants outdoors around July it's about the only superstition I have. I have never grown a plant without using a little flowering fertilizer.
  3. Hey Drivenone and Jason thanks for the input finally a start to getting a little help and it is greatly appreciated. Hey guys I have another thread about pest and disease control if you could look and help with that it will be appreciated. You guys burn one for me this is the Ole hippie bigjim7 signing out

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