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  1. My plants are around six inches tall the leaves are turning yellow i think its due to a lack of nitrogen maybe if this is so what strength fertalizer would u recomend N-P-K what would be the best nitrogen level to use without burning the plants and killing them
  2. At that age use something gentle, it is crucial not to overwater or over fert a young plant.

    The best source of purely N for veg I have found is bloodmeal.

    However a mixed fert will almost certainly be your best bet.

    IMHO start low strength on young plants before you step up their routine. Maybe an organic 2-0.5-1 or something similar.
  3. where can you get bloodmeal at
  4. Tackle shop, tench love it.
  5. If you cant find the organic, or prefer different, wait untill the plant is about 28 days old, and get some 10-10-10 fertilizer.

    Dilute it a bit, and apply, should work well :)

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  7. Crocus,

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