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  1. Here's the deal.. I grew 4 plants inside under 24/t light for 2.5 weeks, switched it to 18/6 for 1.5 weeks, then put them outside under god's great sun out in the bush. it was one week ago today that they were transplanted, i don't plan on returning for one more week (2 weeks since transplant)..

    my question is, when, and should, I bring some water with some fertalizer in it when I visit them? And, If so, what type, or mixture should I buy? I've been seeing some sort of ##-##-## terminology, but don't understand it.. Help is appreciated.
  2. Go to a garden store and youll see they are all lables #-#-# it stands for the % of N-P-K or Nitrogen(N)-Potasium(P)-Potassium(K). Heres the stuff i use, im not shure if its the best, but there is a noticible diffrence after using it 1/4 strength after the first week then to 3/4 strength after week 3. But now im going organic for my outdoor grow, im going to use some seaweed, potent shit better then manure. I tried to take a pic of a chart of organic ferts in a book i have but my digi batts just died so i typed it up. I like organics with outdoor growing because it further simplifies the grow. adn is beter for future grows because ther are no chems to build up in the soil and you can reuse the soil season after season.

    manure N 0.6 - P 0.1 - K 0.5
    compost N 0.5 - P 0.3 - K 0.8
    seaweed meal N 2.8 - P 0.2 - K 2.5
    mushroom compost N 0.07 - P 0.3 - K 2.5
    bone beal N 2.0 - P 14 K 0.0

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  3. ## -##-##
    this means the percent of nitrogen phosphous and potassium i think a good percentage of these while they are still growing just to try to get them as big as u can befor trying to bud them is 20 - 20 - 20 and to get them to flower would be about 5 - 50 - 17 these seem to work pretty good u an get them at any kind of store that has a flower section mirale rapid grow or flower food also work well
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