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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by overgrowray, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. So when should i start giving my outdoor plants flowering ferts? A few of them just started to get some hairs, there only 2-3 feet tall. Thank you in advance to any posts.
  2. ferts are good but dont over do it... gradualy introduce the ferts to your plants with small supliments... the hairs usualy mean flowering stage growth is comming ... soo if really you want to use ferts sometime soon is the right time... good luck
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  3. I been giving them vegging ferts once a week for a while now, i just figured that its two months until snow time here that maybe i should give them some flowering ferts hoping it will make them bud. You really didn't answer my question, but thats ok, i think i know what i'm going to do.
  4. little confused.... if you want them to bud then you need to get thjem on a 12/12 hour cycle or they wont bud or not as quickly.... hope this answered it or hwelped
  5. Start using the flowering ferts now. Want a fert with a high "P" content, i use a 15-30-15 and this is fine. Remember to stop about two weeks before harvesting and feed with nothing but water, you need to flush the chemicals out otherwise it will be in the smoke!
    good luck
  6. Thanks guys. Ok I have some schultz bloom plus 10-60-10, i'm going to use that for the time being. My plants need watered but my tap water is nasty, i won't drink it, so i need to get some spring water tonight. I know where theres a spring at, in the basement of a old house from back in the day, and its a great place to party. After i get some water for them i'm going to give them some bloom fert for the first time.

    How often should i give them ferts, every time i water, once a week, once every two weeks? I always thought it was once every two weeks.
  7. Once a week should do nicely.
    good luck

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