Fert question, 2 months veg switching to flower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MarGreenThumb, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. scenario is, two months of veg and only giving 1/4 strength ferts once and 1/2 strength ferts once as well, and burning the plant a little, (yes only fertilized twice at low dose), when should i need to start the flowering formula, are there strains that don't need much fertilizer at all and should i continue babying it or will it start needing nutrients far more than in veg? thanks

    edit: ph is good too, it was a little low, but now it's raised to a good level, this should indicate that the plant is using the nutrients, correct?
  2. is it in soil? if so, what kind of soil?

    if you already have a lot of nutes in the soil, you could be feeding it too much by adding anything at all right now

    also, what ferts are you using?

    if pH is good, it means nutrients are ABLE to be absorbed by your plant, doesnt necessarily mean that they are. other factors come into play. if you have nute burn, then they are definately trying to get some of the nute
  3. FFOF cut with about 30% perlite, i was using just using grow-big and a drop of superthrive occasionally. this stuff just seems very sensitive to nutrients.
  4. FFOF definately has nutes in it, enough to take it 4-6 weeks easily, depending on the plant, some could go longer.

    id wait until your plant starts looking like it needs something, and just keep giving it nothing but water.

    maybe a little molasses too, but not a whole lot else until you see it show a deficiency

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