Fermented Worm Humus

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by seedling4life, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. I have read some threads that say that you can grow with just worm humus, is this true, does anyone have any experience?
    I am having a hard time finding sterilized soil here in central america, and I do not want to to cook dirt in my house.
    I finally found packaged soil that didn't have any time release fertz, brand is jiffy, it doesn't say its sterilized but it was about $12.00 for a little bag, NPK is 9-5-9, is there anything organic I can put in to raise the N levels?; the worm humus is $2.59 for huge bag it will be a lot cheaper for me if I can just grow in this stuff...
    Thanks for any feedback
  2. I have heard you can grow in pure worm castings but never tried it. If you have lots of seeds/seedlings and can affort to experiment with a few then I encourage you to do so and report back. If you have only a few I would not risk it.

    That soil has ferts added, that's why it has a NPK number, so don't use it.
  3. I have read that an NPK of 20-10-10 is good to start of the plant; there are no time release pellets in there which is what I am most concerned about, so I am just going to mix a lot of humus into soil.
    I just started germinating 9 seeds, 3 skunk kush from sensi seeds and 6 from local herbs that were good and I had saved; 5 of 6 locals sprouted but none of the kush, any ideas? suggestions? they were bought in amsterdam 2 weeks ago, Its been about 60 hours, so I won't mess around with them until its been 72 hours.
    1 of the locals is in pure humus, its looking ok, but on the top of the humus there is some fuzzy white mold growing, is this because of the dark and humid germinating conditions or is it because the worm humus comes with mold, fungus and bacteria thats going to mess up my grow??
    I put some superthrive on one of the seeds and the seedling has a bulge on its neck, is this vitamins?
  4. I don't know what to tell you sport, you read wrong. That would be a good nute balance once you are feeding the plants, which should not happen until they have grown for about two weeks. You should not put brand new baby sprouts into ferted soil.

    My advice was to not use that soil. If you want to use it anyway that's your choice, but I think it's a big mistake.
  5. I read that about the NPK in the grandpa grow guide you have in your links...
    I have them on jiffy's germitation discs, they can stay there probably for about 2 weeks before they need to be transplanted.
    When should I put them under the lights? I have 5 CFL 4x48W (output 270 each) and 1x85w (output 470) should I add light little by little or give them everything I got right away?
    Any ideas on what I can do with the skunk so that the seeds sprout? I din't pay for them, but they were about 20 bucks per seed..

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