Fermented plant extracts: fermenting to completion.

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Are you concerned about spraying alcohol on your plants, and should you cut a ferment off early?

  1. Yes, alchohol being sprayed on my plants would concern me.

  2. No, spraying alchohol on my plants would not concern me.

  3. Yes, you should cut a fermented plant extract off with vodka before it naturally dies down.

  4. No, you should let a fermented plant extract ferment to completion before using.

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  1. After reading the guide to fermented plant extracts on the internet I've learned that some people use vodka to arrest fermentation after a few weeks. I happend to let some ferments go to completion where they naturally died from the build up of alchohol and they turned out to be absolutely fantastic. They smells so good, tasted wonderful (some smelled and tasted like beer and others like fruity wine), made you a little buzzed, and the plants absolutely exploded once they started getting these. Now the second process that takes place after I thoroughly strained the plant material out with spun bound polyester (smart pot fabric) is that when kept closed the alchohol slowly turned into acetic acid. Now this means several things to me. Letting the microbes fully complete the cycle made the extract very very dark and super strong smelling in a good way which means there's been a lot of digestion as it didn't not smell anything like this before fermentation. Second is that my concern for alchohol being present in my foliar was mitigated by letting it completely turn to a vinegar smell. No trace smells of alchohol. Mind you they still smell good and taste good. And third is that there was no loss in potency but that I could use strong foliar with less leaf burn after the conversion of alchohol to acetic acid. The increase in affective was could either be a result of the higher concentrations used or increased potency. One theory I have is that microbes that have nutrients in their bodies die and are dissolved by the alchohol as well as the acetic acid. Possibly some form of second fermentation is going on as well, however I am not sure about this. What are your thoughts on letting a plant ferment go to completion? Second, what are your thoughts on spraying any amount of alchohol on your pants vs acetic acid?
  2. There is a 2006 study from Cornell that showed alcohol to be a growth retardant for leaf and stem structure. Bud and flower growth remained the same.

    Acetic acid is an herbicide plain and simple.

    Awhile back a bunch of us were making FPE's. It fell out of favor as I understand it, because an FPE will only extract elements. Hormones, enzymes, amino acids and the like are destroyed in the fermentation process.

    I recently tried to research this briefly and I cannot confirm this.

    I'm mostly a water only guy anyway and I prefer the 'fresh is best' mentality.
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  3. I strain and refrigerate after completion. Then stir plate the fpe and water for a few hours before use to revive it, like in brewing beer. I try and keep the microbes alive so they reproduce in the soil and fight off pathogens on the leaves.
  4. Acetic acid is an herbicide, that's very good to know! So then what's worse?
  5. That's what I did for a while to try and evaporate the alchohol at first.
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  6. That both are horrible for plant growth...

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  7. But why kill the bacteria with alcohol. Why not make them dormant. They'll last upwards of a year in the fridge.

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