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fentanyl patches?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sam42012, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. i got a box of fentanyl 25 mcg/hr patches. do these have any recreational value? and if so how shuld i go about doin this...thanks
  2. Oh god yes. But do be careful, that's some powerful shit.
  3. VERY strong opiate, if those are the ones which last 72 hours I would cut it into 8ths and then eat one but be very careful these things can cause OD.
  4. remember to breathe. for real.
  5. lmao u guys are startin to scare me. are these the same thing as morphine patches? anyways i dont have much of an opiate tollerance. i have taken hydrocodone several times and oxycodone a few times as well. most ive ever taken was prolly half an 80 mg. how much should i take of this? should i put it on my body like a patch or eat it? if so how much of it. and yes it is the ones that say to stay on for 72 hrs than replace.

  6. I get scared when people who know so little about drugs want to partake in the use of them.

    Do some research, and until you can differentiate between opiates, stimulants, psychedelics, inhalants, deliriants etc. I wouldn't fuck with anything stronger than the herb.

    ;) :D :smoke:
  7. is it me or do newbs tend to get the bombest shit they really (probably) wont appreciate fully..:mad:

    imjust jealous:eek:
  8. Hahahaha. For real.

    On second thought OP just mail the patches to Ezav.

    Its only fair, he'll analyze them for you and get back to you with a report....yeah.
  9. If the patches are filled with gel I wouldn't do anything other than wearing them. The Fentanyl is not evenly distributed in the gel patches. When I was doing fentanyl a few weeks ago I would cut it up into strips about 1cm by 3/4ths of an inch long. I didn't nod off of them but I was relaxin' to the max.
  10. True dat, I can't get shit lately, but lots of newbies seem to be getting OCs, Ds, patches, and shit.

    Post me one too? Just to test it out for you...

  11. There is no such thing as morphine patches, people just call fentanyl patches "morphine patches".
  12. you better start doin some homework regarding the dose you want to take, because fentanyl kills hella easy, even with the tiniest bit, it can kill you. just be careful bro. you're not invincible, anyone's susceptible to OD especially with fent
  13. anyways, what are the street value for these things? and also so what do u guys think should i cut it into small parts and put them on my skin or what? oh and probably the most intense opiate experience i've had is 20 mg of methadone. that shit had me puking like crazy.
  14. damn bro you're gonna get so high. just put the smallest bit on the inside of your lip. and i mean teeny-tiny. fent is $10, if I buy it on the street from a random drug dealer. but private hook-ups probably charge less.
  15. or you could just not do it...
    how bad do you want to get high anyways?

  16. If you are going to wear them then you should just put it on your skin. Don't cut the patch at all.
  17. OP made it pretty clear that he wants to, and will, do it; what's the point in sayin' "you could just not it"? +1 to post count? he wants harm reduction advice, not people tellin him not to do it.

  18. so fuckin what?

    it's his body

    he can do what he wants with it
  19. BE CAREFUL, these are very strong!!! I am prescribed these by my doctor and they are strong. I can't give you any advice about how to use recreationally but I can say that for my chronic painful condition they do ease my suffering. I wear one patch for three days as prescribed on the box but I do notice that they wear off before the 72 hours.

    Be free but be wise, if you are going to try these have a *sitter with you.

    *sitter-someone who has been there before and remains sober during your experience to help you through and make sure that you stay safe as well as being prepared to intervene if necessary. they are particularly important in "trips" where paranoia or uncontrolled fear can be a real downer.

  20. What size do you get and what is the pain for?

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