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  1. im thinking about getting a fender mustang guitar and i was wondering what you grasscity smokers thought about them or if you own one
  2. Iv been a fender owner and lover my whole music life, and i have played a good deal of fender mustangs, even though im a bass player

    how much money are u willing to spend

    what do u play

    what amp are u using


    what do u listen to?

    these come first then i can tell ya
  3. mustang is a nice guitar. im a telecaster man myself, and will always push the tele on anyone and everyone.
  4. agreed.

    but mustangs are pretty sweet.
  5. If you like the sound, go ahead and buy it....
  6. I wouldn't personally get one, but whatever floats your boat

  7. i play a gibson SG standard so it would be different but i really like nirvana and they are one of the original grunge bands. kurt cobain i would say is a hero of mine which is how i first heard of the mustang and was drawn to try it.

    the only new mustangs ive seen are either the '55 or '58 reissue which is 700 so i guess i figured that was how much id pay

    my amp is a VOX AD15 (digital not tube)

    the pedal i use most is a VOX V847 wah wah and other than that just a shitty distortion pedal

    i mainly listen to any kind of rock n roll and hip hop/rap. right now i like tenacious D, dr dre, red hot chili peppers, peter frampton, eminem, foo fighters, NWA, tom petty, nirvana, rage against the machine and smashing pumpkins
  8. if you already have an sg, get a telecaster!
  9. Yeah, I'm into telecasters even though I don't even play guitar. I'm a drum guy. But I like the vintage look and that twangy sound.

    I'd get this one, personally.


    The Jaguar is a pretty mean looking bitch too.

  10. the jag is alot like the mustang, just a few varriances. id get the japanese 62 telecaster reissue in sunburst with white trim. they dont make an american one like it currently. but thats me, i love the 62 reissue. i def would not get the one above with the 3 way pickup selection. not true to the telecaster in my eyes.
  11. yeah man ide say get a japanese strat. i love them so much i wont by a strat unless its made in japan...seriously.

  12. were talking about teles, atleast i was. but yeah, arent the jap fenders beautiful?! why they dont make some of those jap ones in the american series is beyond me. i dont even know where to find a new jap fender online. you can order them from music shops and find some on ebay, but i cant find a retailer that sells them.... sucks.
  13. I know u were talkin bout teles but teles are a bit too twangy IMO. the reason they dont make japanese fender in the american series is because fender would lose money in the american market...dont ask how that makes sense but thats the reason
  14. btw there are SOME fender japan guitars on the american market but not more than like 3 at the most. i got lucky about 3 years ago and fender put the japanese lefty 68 strat in there american line up. here it is. its actually more acurate than the Jimi Hendrix Tribute strat that was put out in 97. it was on the market for i think 2 year then was taken off (prolly wasnt sellin too much and cuz its japanese).[​IMG]

    i also have a japanese 62 reissue/SRV strat. its pretty much the original SRV signature (meaning rosewood fretboard) with a right handed trem instead of a left handed one. one of my friends said it was the best guitar hes ever played. another one of my friends who is a 62 strat NUT (he can also tell u what year ANY strat is from 57-71 just by lookin at a pic), use to work a shop guitar that ONLY sold good guitars (only vintage strats, PRS, vintage gibson and vintage gresch), and has owned at least 16 strats and currentley owns an american 62 reissue(he actually JUST sold this cuz of how well mine played) and an PRS custom 22, said my japanese 62 reissue is one of the best guitars playing wise hes ever played. im gonna put some 57/62 pickups in it sometime cuz the texas specials in it are a bit too hot for the vintage blues/rock sound i want. it dont look like much but its an AMAZING guitar.


  15. yeah ive played that exact jag at guitar center and i didnt really like it
  16. 1-they probably never set it up right
    2-if they did, some punk kids probably bashed the hell out of it playing power chords all day
    3-what didnt you like about it and what amp did you use?
  17. just like the way it felt and the playability

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