Femmed seeds are BS!

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  1. okay so i posted this link in a recent thread but i feel it deserves to have one of its own.

    sure, femmed seeds may give u 80-90% females,
    until u have a power/pump/light failure..

    they're easily stressed into hermie plants, and the over-confidence of having a completely "female crop" can turn a huge grow of dank into a bunch of sticks and seeds..

    heres the link, i strongly suggest checking it out

    The Truth About Feminized Seeds | Cannabis Culture Magazine
  2. hmmm thats some good info, i had considered buying some femed seeds maybe now i'll just stay old school. Although if you clone a female before it turns hermie the clones are still female and quite possible to grow into wonderful buds. But still i think i may just save the money.:cool:

  3. def save the money bro, nd btw ud have to clone them before they turn hermie.. and you can't really tell if they've been stressed into hermies until flowering time, and chances are if one plant was stressed to that point, then ur whole crop was too.. old schools the best bro lol
  4. ohh yeah they definatley have to have been cloned before stressed to hermie, but if they were that can still grow up pretty. That is a last resort though and i think i will save the money. Its a shame when people ruin a good strain, i know someone who got hermies im guessin cuz he couldnt lerave them alone. I have gone to his out during lights out and hes been pulling his plants out into reg light and triming them or looking though them with flashlights and such. I used to freak like man what are doing they need their rest! The good news is he only cried to me once when his crop when hermie cuz he hates the i told ya so. Ok now i am rambling:smoking:
  5. so just stay away from femmed seeds cause i was going to order some northern femm from attitude
  6. what i did was i grew my plants into blooming and the plants i saw that didnt show signs of hermi (durring my very first grow) i put back into vegitation, before i did that i took 3 clones which took forever to grow. but now all of them are veging. hopefully they will continue being females.

    hermi's suck...

    its interseting though. i was told that stress prior to blooming didnt always mean that the females will turn males. i always thought stress durring the 12/12 light cycle created females or males.....

  7. me and my freinds have never had a single problem with a fem seed. Id say its over 100 seeds easy between the 3 of us the past couple of years.
  8. Its not the seeds that are at fault, its your lights.

    So the seeds are not BS
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  10. YAWN not this again...

    Feminized seeds, much like fat chicks are personal preference. Not everyone wants to get down with them.
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    I started my first personal grow in January and I ordered regular seeds not femmed, it had nothing to do with the cost, it was about not having genetically altered seeds and also trying to do a controlled polination for some seed storage for future.
    I planted 5 Aussie Blues, 5 Pride of Amsterdam and 5 White Widow.
    How unlikely? I thought the seedbank probably is protecting their repeat business by sending fems no matter what you order. So IMO, paying up for fems, at least were I bought, would have been a waste.

    Edit: And I had light failure due to weather, power outage, and nothing hermed.
    I cloned 6 two from each type, all 6 took and are growing like champs, had light failure with them too and none of the clones hermed, just harvested all the clones.
    Growing weed ain't as hard as all you play it to be...

  12. haha!! nice
  13. My first grow was with femmed seeds. I definitely stressed them (sloppy transplanting...3 times, no pH balancing) and they turned out fine.
  14. The guy i knew who Hermies his crop happened during a 12/12 cycle thats why his clones were still femaleable (if thats even a word).

    Feminized seeds, much like fat chicks are personal preference. Not everyone wants to get down with them.

    Bwaaaahahahahahahaha thats fuckin great! thank i needed that laugh this morning!

  15. + rep ... great post, all true, and well said

  16. Well said, however being the 'poster' of this thread, I must defend my reasoning for posting this thread in the first place. My 'personal preference' is to grow a hardier plant of the same potency, if not better, than that of the femmed seeds. Even better is the fact that normal seeds are usually cheaper. Also, this thread isn't aimed to the serious grower who has the setup to completely avoid stressing a plant, making his higher investement toward femmed seeds worth it. This thread is aimed to the new/ somewhat experienced grower who has some jiggerrigged grow box and has been savin up for some seeds. Its a lot better and easier in my opinion to end up having half a female crop, killing off the males, (or even keeping them for some controlled pollination) and cloning the females and end up with hardier plants that can put up with more abuse than ending up with a whole crop of hermies cuz ur lights went out one day.

    Also, I'm pretty new to this forum, so I haven't been around long enough to see those previous threads about femmed seeds being bs. And please don't pull out "search the forum and u woulda found them" because as u can see I've already gotten some positive responses on this thread. I'd say many ppl on here, even if they've been on gc for a while they may not have been involved in the growing forum for a long time, so I believe its good to have an update. Most people aren't gonna search "are femmed seeds to good to be true?" Before they buy, so chances are they wouldn't even know the facts until they ended up with hermies. I'm not saying every crop is gonna turn out hermie either, just that femmed seeds are more susceptible to stress compared to regular ones.

    Anyways, I appreciate you taking your time to read my thread and make a response, however I'm also a firm believer in the old saying "if u got nothin nice to say, than don't say nothin." Drama belongs in the highschool classroom, not in a place where a bunch of potheads come together to discuss pot, and everything else that goes with it.

    To all who have found my thread useful in anyway-
    I'm glad I could be of service! I try to put good info in a place easily available to those who can use it. My post are meant to be informative, not persuasive. Buy every femmed seed in the world if u want, its ur money and ur plants, not mine lol. Thanks all, and have a good one


  17. your thread does make a very serious point. but depending on how resistant the actual GENE itself is to stress would result in hermi or not. i grew bag seed and all my plants went threw ALOT of stress. but the 2 seeds i got from a completely different batch wound up growing and not being hermi but instead stayed fully female. those 2 are my mothers. all other plants from weaker bag seed did herm out or turn out ot be male.... and they all went threw same stress .

    its a question about the actual quality of the gene itself rather then fems being weak or not.

    does that make sense?

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