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  1. if i took an autoflowering female and polinated it with either an indica or sativa is there any possibility the seeds may still carry over the ruderalis characteristics?

    I understand that cross breeding is a timely thing and takes years to make good strains, im just looking to keep the auto gene without having to order more autos.

    If need be ill just buy more seeds but i rather spend that money on diff strains to grow. i dont want to mix autos just to have auto seeds when i can just cross some shit i already have.
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    the problem with this is when you cross an auto with a reg non ruderalis strain.. the first time will only hail about 20-30% autoflowering offspring..
    so it will be very hit or miss..you must back cross or inbreed the offpring several times to get 100% auto's and stablize the genetic's..
    another problem is your auto will almost def be weaker in potency than your regular strain so it will decrease the bang of your reg strain for sure, but some auto's are up into the 15-17% thc range now so they got a little bite these day's, therefore your decrease in potency will not be to terrible of a factor givin your growing a decent, potent auto strain..

    As long as your reg strain is a male..and your auto is the female, i see no ill hermie effect's or anything..
    with your auto being a fem ...
    this will determain hermie outcome..if it's fem you might run into problem's..if both parent's are very stable however, it could be a great cross...
    it realy has to come down to that auto's genetic heritage more or less..
    backcrossing with auto females is almost impossible...you got one shot to make seed, then you only have your reg strain male pollen left over for inbreeding...so with every backcross you loose the ruderalis gene and your autoflower offspring % goes down with every backcross...
    so buy reg auto seed's next time, keep a male and female from them...then make seed..
  3. thanks, i was just wondering if it would work. also i read somewhere about using collidial silver or w/e to make a fem plant hermie but they said you cant smoke the bud, wouldnt the silver still be in the pollen, and in the seeds and in the plant when its fully grown?

    ill just order some reg autos n do it the natural way. I really appreciate the input.
  4. that is your best bet, just order you some regualr's and cross and then backcross between them..after about 4 or 5 times your offspring will become really stable with little variation's between female plant's.;)

    the chem induced fem's out there are more trouble then there worth and cause triploid plant's that branch in 3's instead of 2's like normal plant's... i'd stay away from any chem based strain's or breeding imho..

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