Feminizing with clones?

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  1. So I have a question about breeding.

    If I have a mother plant and cut clones off of her and reverse one of them and pollinate the OTHER clones with that pollen. Is it still the same as self pollinating a plant and getting a high number of Hermies in the seeds?

    Or should I get a pack of seeds and reverse one of the females and take another female and pollinate her with the pollen?

    Obviously I would keep 2 females for breeding and use clones thru the process. That way I always have 2 females for mums.

    What I don't understand or my main question that I'm looking to get answered is...Are the clones considered the same plant as the 1 that is reversed? Or is it just like self pollinating?
    What confuses me is that since I would be altering the genetics of the 1 clone and not doing it with the others does it still pose a risk to the hermieing factor?

  2. Feminized seeds are created when a hermaphrodite plant pollinates its self. So theoretically if you take clones change one to male and polinate the rest you should be able to get the same effect...I personally wouldn't wast me time...you can get feminized seeds of good strains soo cheaply or you can buy clones for about $12...I wouldn't mess around with male female conversions if you make a mistake you could have wasted a ton of time
  3. Actually, Feminized seeds come from a reversed plant that pollinates other plants. Never the self pollination of that one plant. It doubles the percentage of hermies in the offspring. At least that is what it says in Cannabis Botany by R. C. Clarke.
  4. yup , use a clone from a different female....
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    You know, I have actually read that awhile ago. Just forgot about it. Thanks for the link. I would like to make seeds, but I was wondering if I could do it with clones from the dispensary instead of buying seeds. I'll buy the seeds, that's no problem. Just hoping I wouldn't have to.

    My last harvest of seeds I let the females go 11 weeks into flower and never saw male bananas. I guess that's because they were already pollinated now that I think about it.

    Anyway, I've got about 2000 seeds of a cross between OoieGooie and Afghani #1. Has a nice skunk smell that finishes with a real nice sweet scent. Stays about medium heigth and has real nice bud formation. Got some of the seeds going now to test the smoke. Actually have 2 phenos and the 2nd one smell straight up like candy. Is a darker green, good buds, very good resin production. Comes all the way out on the bud leaves and some on the fan leaves and stems. Smoked 2 hits of that one with seeded bud and it got me stoned as hell. Really good!
  6. When you say reverse do you mean using gibberellic acid or colloidal silver?
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    Silver Thiosulfate. (Colloidal)
  8. Taking cuts (clones) from a plant would make it the same...thats why old clone only strains you see losing vigor as technicly the "new" clones are as old as when the strain was first started. Personally I'd stay away from the chemical ways of popping nanners on a female at first...I would try to naturally stress them out if they stress from that your chances of hermies is there if you constantly hermie them to create seeds unless you keep stressing "fresh" clones which would keep it like the first time every time. With fem'd seeds the "proper" way about doing things correct on a breeder's view of things is to get your strain you want to get fem'd seeds of, try naturally stressing it and if it doesn't pop nanners from the natural stress then you will have a greater possibility of just having fem'd seeds without the hermie trait...if they hermie easily from "natural" stress' your chances of getting hermies (weather they have viable pollen or not is another thing entirely) is increased.

    Personally I find auto's and fem'd seeds to be taking away from the genetic gene pool of Cannabis. Fem'd seeds are for merc growers or people that can't mess with males, but if you are trying for seeds the best way IMHO is to keep it natural. IE: a true male pollenating a quality female. It will be much easier for you and you will have the ability to be selective on what traits pass to the future generation of seeds rather then being stuck with what someone else selected.

    Im high and rambling...time to do something productive like smoke more :)
  9. I agree Supa,
    dont chem enduce male rod's or pollen..it is known to create problem's like triploid plant's that branch in 3's..
    also, using chems makes it dangerous to smoke the bud's and the seed's carry over that acid and silver through the first generation of offspring from what i understand..thats very bad for you to inhale..for sure!
    go natural all the way! there are a few techniques out there to do enduce a male rod in a female, fem or not..

    rod's and hermie's are two very different thing's!
    i think this is mis understood among alot of folk's out there..
    hermies are hermies..that's that..lol And they carry hermie genetic's in there pollen..

    rod's on a female is not a sign of hermie at all...
    it's a defense mechanism...
    MJ is Annual plant variety....
    by nature, it grow's once a year and then dies..produces seed for the next year..
    So as MJ grow's up, bud's and she know's she's about to kick the bucket...
    she even goes through a slight menopause if you will...lol
    that female know's after a certain point wheter it's been pollenated or not..
    so after not being pollenated, she tries to do it herself or possible other's in the area before she dies to ensure the survival of the species...thats why you tend to get male rod's after letting a plant go past harvest..it's darwin basicly..nature alway's find's a way..through A-sexual reproduction or however/wich ever method of reproduction it chooses..
    stress causes this because it makes the female think due to the stress, that she might die..so..male rod..just a defense mechanism..all it is..

    tip on getting the male rod: my very own method to doing this:
    I take mother's that i want fem seed's out of and clone them a few times then send the mother female into flowering...
    I grow her like i normaly would..all that love..lol...then about a week or two early, i do a lite flush and harvest all but two main bud's..or limb's..

    Cause i want most of it for smoke of course...

    Then I take what's left of the mother and put her into my closet for night and day period's..(use cfl's) away from my main flower room..dont want any screw up's and pollen getting in there, lol
    I give her a 1/2 dose of nutes since she ned's something to create those rod's with...and it's all the nutes are mostly flushed out...
    During the night period, i go into the closet and beam her a few times with a little led flashlight, blue in color work's for me..
    then leave them be...
    i do this over the next few week's or so..
    watch the rod's bust out!..:D

    something new i discovered in a stoned thought about making fem's but didn't want pollen amogst my whole crop...:smoking:
    Now after a few run's it's working, and i got female pollen to store in the fridge for a little while till those clones are ready to pollenate..;)

  10. Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate the info.

    There is only so much that you can read up on. The rest and best info comes from experienced growers like yourselves.:hello:
  11. i have to throw my 2 cents in here with this for 2 reasons , 1st i agree that fem seeds are not a strong genetic base and 2nd to say how easy it is to completly disrupt the chosen plant to alter with a tortured light cycle . on then off a few days without ,then full day with it on . it will change within a week or 2.
  12. ya jones! thats pretty much the way to go....light torture..i like that in a wierd creepy kinda way...:p:hello:
  13. its almost as good as your midnight murauding with the led light..:D
  14. So now this changes a few things. If I left a plant to grow nanners and collected the pollen, then pollinated clones from the same mother, would that be O.K.?

    I understand about the the genetics thing and it being better to have a mother and a father. But, to keep the strain around without going through the selection process( which I've already done and don't want to do again) time and time again without having a big wharehouse grow, it would be easier to keep a good mother and use clones to keep making seeds of it.

    Rodelization does seem to be the way to go, I certainly agree. But, if you pollinate clones that way than I suppose you wouldn't have the hermie factor. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. yep this is correct man...you can do this with first gen clones with little to no variation as well..

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