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  1. Feminized??
    I was looking at seeds to buy at www.seedsdirect.to and i was looking at the seeds and some of them said Feminized what does this mean is it a good thing.And for the people who ave been growing what is a good strain to buy that gives you a great high and everything is funny. God those highs are the best
  2. ferminised seeds just means that they are all female seeds...however you will pay more for them as you're guaranteed females.....as for a trippy bud try a very potent sativa...it will be more of a head high than anything else.....Peace out....Sid
  3. try morning glory if you can get it...i've heard it's pretty halocenegenic....fucked up the spelling of that, but who cares....Peace out....Sid
  4. what if you just buy the the normal seeds will any of them be female or are they just males.When i plant them do i only plant one seed but how do i know it's a female or im suposse to plant more then one seed in differnt pots???Anyone know a good grow helper

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