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  1. I was looking at seeds to buy at www.seedsdirect.to and i was looking at the seeds and some of them said Feminized what does this mean is it a good thing.And for the people who ave been growing what is a good strain to buy that gives you a great high and everything is funny. God those highs are the best
  2. please help me out here people
  3. That is a good thing, it means your plant will be female and not male, this is very good because you dont want males.
  4. Try "Oasis", "Mazar", "Powerplant" all very good and the female seeds from the Dutch Passion collection.
    good luck.
  5. Feminised are supposed to be 100% female and they usually are. Except if the light cycle gets messed up and then you can get a hermie plant instead of a true female.
  6. i think there the best thing tahts ever happened.... well i mean you can take your chances from 10 seeds and get 8 plants and 4 females and clone... or you can take a chance with 10 seeds 8 females 0 males and clone all 8 and have a very suscessful grow rotation going... but most femanized plants dont have the common weed like white widow... kinda hard they use special acids to eliminate the chance of there being a male... not shure on name look it up later.... also plants seem to grow stronger no clue why but rooting ios a lot better from my experience!
  7. get it and grow it

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