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  1. so i bought some feminized seed from one of the online sellers in UK.this is the first time ive tried a feminized seed. i got them and they all germinated. so they got to the right size and they went into flowering.
    well now that they have been into flowering for a few weeks (first of all they are slow as hell to start flowering) some are fine...perfect looking females. but a few others are nasty herm's. in fact...one looks pretty much mostly male with a few female organs here and there.
    im very disappointed and this will prob be the last time i try a feminized strain.
    most of the time u can get about a 70%+ female/ male ratio anyhow. well id like to hear others comments on this.
  2. well i ordered 10 hawaii maui seeds and out of 5 i got 2 females and 3 males....bummer....but hey what can ya do except get clones next time....luckily i've got to know a couple of growers locally who are willing to supply some clones as i've not got the facilities to keep them....i.e. i've only got one grow room......Peace out....Sid
  3. but still isnt that better than not really knowing what u got going. i got these nasty looking male/female bud like sturctures. and i have a few strains growing with em and im afraid of the pollin of it. im also afraid of the others that are that feminized strain, just in case there is a sack or two getting thru my everyday search. i dont wanna throw them all out and start over...but im thinking of throwing out the 'monsters'. my guess is that they are serious polyploid anyhow and why even screw with that kind of genetics. i wouldnt mind it so much if the real females would develop a sack or two, then i would feel safer about the genes but not these 'monsters'. i think ill take a picture of it...kinda funny/kinda scary.
  4. here is a normal flowering type...see the nice bud and hairs hanging all over and the crystals forming around everything

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  5. here is the 'monster'

    the bud is full of structures that i cant id...there are hairs and there are pods. yea ive seen a few herm's before but this is rediculous...ive pulled the others and ive left this one to see what happens. i must say tho that its a THICK looking bud. lots of weight to it...hope it gets me hi,,,but doesnt turn me into a deranged lunatic.

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  6. as i look at these posts...they dont really show the picture very well...if anyone wants to see the full picture...pm me ur email and ill send it to u...so u can see the picture in full
  7. fuckin A...now im really pissed

    all the plants of that strain of feminazed have gone hermi on me...god dammit...that is like 1/2 of all my harvest this season

    i dont know about the rest of u...but this is pissing me off.

    i waisted $ and time now on crap...the buds that i have been able to get are crap on those hermi

    they took longer to bud...they are less crystalized...they cost more for the seeds...they are producing less and if that fricken pollen got into my crop...im gonna be so fucken mad that im gonna go to UK and find the bastard that sold em to me and chop his MALE part off.

    by the way i wrote the letter to the co and asked him some advice or refund or even a letter of condolence...and got nothing back. i wrote again and said im gonna smear his name if u dont at least write me back something...got nothing...sooo
    i didnt wanna use their name but it was seedsdirect.

    so seedsdirect is a POS and wont use them again...and gonna post another thread just so everyone reads it.
  8. well, that's a hard one!....seedsdirect is a very reputable company....tried and tested a lot....it could have been a genetic freak occurance, or has any light what so ever entered you're grow room....even for one night, or a few hours?....Peace out....Sid
  9. nah its not about the light...its about the strain...

    frankly ive prob overstated my disappointment but jeeze when 1/2 ur stuff goes down the tubes and there is a chance that u got pollinated on the other 1/2...u just get a bit upset ya know?

    im gonna try heaven next time i think anyhow...
    already on the next batch here so i got some time...

    by the way...anyone want 5 seeds of some monster hermi crap seeds of white widow for cheap? :)
  10. feminized seeds always have the potential to turn out hermi's. Sorry for yoyr troubles. But is it really Seedsdirect fault or is it the fault of the seed company that developed that faulty strain?

    I do think if it is a crappy strain seeds direct should pull it off their shelves and quit selling a screwed up product.

    After looking at your picture again, that is one fucked up looking plant, I'm sorry its making me laugh. :) Kind a like picking up a chick in a bar and taking her home only to find out she's really a transvestite. :)
  11. big pappa...u got experence of that bar thing??????

    yea they are all screwy. every single plant of that seed is fucked up...and no its prob not the fault of seedsdirect...tho they could have sent me some kind of response saying "sorry" or something...

    i will say that i got some experence in id'ing structures and this is the worse hermi'ed plant that ive ever seen...that is why i let the monster grow, just to see what would happen. never did really grow full female structures that i can tell...but the males did let off some pollin...that is when it got the yank. they are now hanging and drying but they dont have much of a smell and doesnt look to have much of a taste to them either.

    moral of the story for me is...screw the fem'ed crap

    take ur chances...male or female...make ur own seed and forgetabout it.

    what really pisses me off is the chance that im now gonna get some pollination...and frankly i have no confidence of this seed strain.

    anyhow that is life in the small country...thanks all for letting me bitch...aint like im gonna start bitching about stuff like this to my neighbors :)

  12. no but somebody sent me a link to a porn site where they pick some dude off the street and says do you want to get it on with this hot chick while we tape you. Then the guy goes off with them and after she gets him all naked and worked up and then out pops her johnson from her thong. Pretty funny practical joke but no sexual turn-on for me.

    dude that is a plant that im gonna smoke...hope i dont turn into something like that?????????????

  14. Somebody did post a story here that marijuann makes men's boobs grow. And there is some truth to it. If all you do is smoke and sit around watching TV and eating munchies, you will develop a nice set of men titties.
  15. thc can be what is called a 'xeno estrogen'
    an environmental hormone like substance that mimics estrogin. but if u are smoking so much weed that u start growing tits...well...u better get a bra.

  16. hey Froggy...was it just the White widow strain ?

    any one else have this problem with WW fem seeds?
    ...or any other feminized strain ?
  17. yea it was...

    havnt had a problem with any of my other stuff...
  18. What seed company did they come from? Dude sorry to here about your bad luck. But from reading other VB Boards that is pretty rare. It looks like seed pods not male flowers. Like you got sprayed before. But I can't tell that pic is too far away. I smoked seeded bud. Takes longer but is still as potent. Good luck. And go check out this VB. hempcultivation.com. Have fun....

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