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  1. Is getting feminized seeds instead of a pack of regular seeds really worth it? How often do the feminized seeds turn out to be hermies?
  2. Fem seeds having a high rate of going hermie is primarily misinformation. There may be some bad genetics out there that do have a high rate of going hermie, but for the most part, using fem seeds makes it easier and cheaper in the short run, you cut out the cost of having more lights and soil and pots etc, not to mention the time you spend on the extra plants that turn out to be male.

    People that use fem, swear by them.

    I certainly do.
  3. For the price, you can usually get 10 regular seeds or 5 feminized seeds.

    I would recommend going with the 10 pack of regular, seeing as how more than likely over half will be female, if not more.

  4. Fixed :)

    If you like to gamble or short on cash go with regular.

    If you like stable results and not worried about paying a little more go Fem.

    I have done both and will never buy regular again.
  5. When you say bad genetics, is this only in particular strains, or random poorly genetic plants across all strains?

    Also, do you recommend any indoor or outdoor stains that are good for beginners?
  6. What he means is that a lot of people say fem seeds tend to hermie but this may be because of the breeder not because of it being fem. Also buying fem seeds is risky because you have no way of making sure they are fem or not they all look alike.

    I have never ran across a plant type that was hard to grow or easy to grow. They all seem to be the same to me. Treat them right give them air water and soil and you shouldn't have any issues with any strain.
  7. I've found that there are no guarantees in nature. I'm not a fan of feminized seeds, but it's a personal preference.
  8. Femmed seeds from a reputable breeder are 100% female, and they have no greater tendency to hermie than any other seeds.

    Yes femmed seeds are worth it. You can usually get them for less than double the cost of regular seeds, so if you figure only 50% of the regular seeds are female and they cost 60-70% the price of femmed seeds, then the price per female seed is cheaper getting femmed. Plus, the only way to find out which of the regular seeds are female is to grow them out, which means more soil or hydropots, more light, bigger space, stronger fans for ventilation, more nutes, etc. So you have to factor in the costs of all that extra equipment and higher electric bill to grow males just so you can ID and trash them.

    If you want to do any breeding then yes, grow some males to harvest pollen. If you want a particular strain that doesn't come in femmed and nothing else will do then get those regular seeds. But otherwise femmed seeds will save you money.
  9. Ok, thanks for the help. Now to decide on the strain...
  10. I have bought feminized seeds ..and I dont swear by em . matter of fact I don't buy em anymore..cause I like to insure my growing capabilities by producing my own seeds.

    It really comes down personal to choice, and how much controll you want with what you buy.

    LOL most hermies are caused by growers messing up..or using the 1-3 seeds they found in a kind ounce.

    good starter strains N.L. , Cali Orange, or Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds ( my personall suggestion and it comes in regular and feminized )

    P.S. Bob, the "lacking cash" being a reason to buy feminised seeds doesn't make much sence to me ..they normally are a wee bit more expensive...and I normally get around 1/4 males on a seed grow...making the normal 10 pack a better deal then 5 feminized.

    just my .02

  11. LOL I never even thought about the expense of the extra plants... good point.

    doesn't change my opinion of feminized seeds, though. Personally Isee the trend of going to feminized seeds as more a way for breeders to protect thier profits then anything spectacular on the growing scene. but thats an entire topic on its own

  12. I have bought femmed seeds for the first time this year. They are all female and growing well. I have never had a hermie in my outdoor grow area, and long may it remain so.
  13. As for your first grow i recomend Northern Lights or PPP, maybe some cheese. Those are all pretty easy to grow and they can take a lot of punishment (which you will give them since its you first grow). All grow well indoors and out, and are very forgiving. Try to stay away from the skunk strains. Every single one ive had to date has been a bitch and a half to sustain. They are like those girls on the "My super sweet 16" show on MTV, all bitches and unforgiving.
  14. I cant agree more with Toasty, and have nothing to add to his comment, if i had to vote, it would be feminized all the way!

    There are two types of people who bash proper feminized seeds, the first are idiots who stress the life out of their plants until they hermie, then they blame the seeds, (the same people would probably hermie regular seeds/plants).
    The second type of person is the ones who has never grew a plant and sit at a computer and duplicate what other idiots have wrote.
  15. Any recommendations on a breeder?
  16. I've heard great things about Attitude seed bank at Cannabis seeds Marijuana Seeds. Wow, I just checked, and they've even updated their site recently.

    One thing to think of when buying seeds also is this; if you plan to keep on buying seeds consistently, go with feminized (this is particularly pertinent if you're growing auto flowering plants, since they can't be cloned successfully).

    If, however, you plan on cloning, buying "regular" seeds may in fact be a better investment for you, at least initially. You can then plant a few seeds, and finding a good female, take cuttings from her for as long as she'll tolerate it (years in many cases). Regardless, have fun and enjoy growing.
  17. That's a bit harsh. What about people that want to create their own genetics? If every seed was feminized, you wouldn't have all those wonderful strains that are available now. Every single strain was created using a male and a female. This is a very touchy subject to some people. Some believe it's a way of keeping genetics controlled by the seed company itself. Seeds are really becoming stellar in price, think of it this way, what if the only seeds available have to be purchased, then the seed banks could charge $50 a seed and there is nothing you could do about it. On a price scale, in the long run it's cheaper to buy regular seeds on your first grow, let a male strategically pollinate the females and then have 100 seeds for your next grows. Right now companies like GHS are charging $20 per seed for some strains, that's like $240 a gram for seeds, 24X more than pot itself at street price.

    I, for one, am glad there is a choice. If you just want smoke, buy feminized seeds. They are very convenient and you don't have to worry about wasting soil and time (although each feminized seed costs the about same as a bag of FFOF). But if you are more of a hobby type grower and enjoy experimenting with your plants and combining strains, buy regular seeds. I just don't want that choice to be taken away.
  18. Harsh? Did you read the first sentence of my post. Toasty covered what you wrote, and i agreed!
    I'm talking about people bashing feminized seeds (which are from reputable breeders!) cause they complain about them turning hermie. And i say thats because, these people are either idiots who stress the life out of plants and make them turn hermie, or they're people who repeat what they read from the idiots who has tried to grow feminized seeds and failed (the same people would probably hermie regular plants), and then to give feminized seeds a bad name. A good worksman never blames his tools!
  19. You're right. Upon reading your post again, I was wrong. I apologize. It was pretty early when I read it, and it sounded like an attack on people that don't use feminized seeds. I'm not against them personally, I'm more of a pro-choice type person all the way across the board. This argument is nothing new and I've heard it again and again.The same of LED vs. HID and this nute vs. that nute, etc. And people really try to enforce their preference as the 'only way' (*bashing). Proper feminized seeds are one thing, but I don't believe that every seedbank is as reputable as they project themselves to be, and quite a few people that really know what they are doing, end up with a hermied plant from time to time, not just idiots that stress plants out. I had one on my last grow, but 1 out of 6, the conditions were identical on all the plants, so I can't see how that one was any more stressed than the others. It's a genetic anomaly, it happens. Again I'm happy to have a choice in the matter, I don't want that choice to be taken away. And again, sorry for the confusion.

  20. + rep.

    John I don't bash Fem. seeds.. I just don't preferr to use em.. I hope you can understand that. and we are in total agrement that hermies are most often caused by Grower error, then by genetics, with seeds from a homegrown hermie being a MAJOR exception...cause those fuckers almost always hermie in my experience...

    and Bolthero..really ..Super Skunk has become a steady in my grow area cause of its ease...and PPP was nothing but a pain for me .. LOL well each to his/her own I guess.


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