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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GrassCharles, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. Hello again to all weed lovers.

    Question: which has greater possibilities to be female.??

    a) Feminized Seeds with goot treatment?
    b) Clones from a female plant with good treatment?

  2. Well unless you stress out a clone or its mum, and as long as the mum is female, it is genetically identical to the mum.....so that said if you don't stress it, its gonna be 100% female

    Now feminized seeds im not sure, never dealt with the.

    I just grew some, flowered for a bit so i knew what one was a female.......kept it and grew it to slip clones off it. :)
  3. enless you got screwed over, fem seeds are always female, and enless u stress your plant, the same goes for clones coming from a female plant.
  4. go with clones.....after growing fem seeds and getting mutants, i'd clone.......Peace out.........Sid
  5. On where your seeds came from. Is it a reputable and famous seedbank? I would go with the Sensiseedbank from Holland for example rather than the Joe Schmuck seedbank from Idaho!!!! Remember if you deal with reputable seedbanks you get what you pay for,or these places wouldn't be in business for so long!!!!So I would say if you start with quality genetics there is no differance between the two!!! PEACE!!!!

  6. thats what i thought too pete, but check out my thread.... "hope you have a nice grow" in the grow journal forum....... 10 blueberry seeds from dutch passion, and 2 mutants so far.........need to wait for the next grow to find out about the rest........Peace out........Sid
  7. clones set you ahead a good 2-3 weeks vs seeds in size and also they are already mauure. On top of that if your groing from seed and groing more then one plant like sog or scrog the growth and canopy will be uneven.
  8. I shop my seed from Buy dutch seeds . com. Is it a good company?
  9. Well i got some supergirl feminized. I got 5 out of 5 and all look very healthy and are growing fast !!

    They look wonderfull so i guess the seeds are ok. In 2-3 weeks i will switch to 12/12.
  10. well i bought it for 110 euro the 10 pack. I have none left and i read that feminized plants cannot produce fertile seed.

    I dont know if that is true. I could send u clones though as soon as i now its all girls but if i do i will have to find out how i can send u some clones without ruining them in the transfer process.

    where do u live? maybe an express ups whould do the job but i guess it would cost a lot.

    what do u think?

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