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  1. I ordered and received and germinated a dozen feminized seeds this spring. Have transplanted outside and so far all looking good.

    For the future, help me understand feminized vs autoflowering....

    I ordered feminized so there were no male plants... can you order feminized autoflowering seeds?

    I have seen feminized, and autoflowering, but never feminized autoflowering....

    what's up with that?

  2. yes femmed autos do exist ..but like normal feminized. not every strain is feminized.

    have a look at the seeds by Lowryder.....
  3. To be honest with you I never understood the appeal of autoflowering strains.. Maybe someone here can clarify this for me.. It's my understanding that with an autoflowering strain you basically sacrifice potency and yeild just for a faster flowering and smaller plant.. If this is the case why not just pick up a short growing indica top it use LST flower it early and keep it bushy rather than tall.. It just makes more sense to me to do this rather than sacrificing the potency and over all yeild, But I am new to this so please correct me if I am wong..
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    because when people reply to autoflowering inquires, they never post a regular indica strain that flowers almost as fast as an auto does, like some beginners want. and maybe if us newbies knew or was told what they were we would grow them instead..... and not everone has the same stealth situation.
  5. i never understood either untill I grew a dieselryder autoflower at the same time as an original afghani pure 100% indica that flowered in 6 weeks.
    I did the afghani 12/12 from seed and left her go 9 weeks, I did the diesel ryder 18/6 from seed with the vegging girls also for 9 weeks.
    Here's the difference, the afghani was really nice but just made me want to sleep, she was massive though, if i vegged her I would have pulled a massive yield but I did not like the sleepy high and although nice it wasn't great.
    The diesel was fucking great, really fruity tasting accompanied by an amazing smell, she was one of them plant's you could put in the corner of your cab and forget about and come back and you'll see bud.
    Autoflowerer's are so much fun to grow, easy and all you need to do is feed, you never need to change light regime and they flower when they feel like and mine yielded 33g on one plant and 54g on the other after only 9 weeks. My afghani yielded a pityful 24g in the same amount of time with a shitter smoke, in fact, even my blueberry, purple widow and widowskunk 12/12 from seed after 9/10week's tasted nothing near as good as the diesel, maybe with veg time they might have but that would have added more weeks to the time therefore making autoflower's very suitable, they fully mature and are ready in as little as 9 weeks with full flavour. No regular beans can achieve that without proper growth in that short of a time, not even an indica.
  6. I completely agree. But I can think of some reasons that make sense to buyers of auto's. One, a nervous newbie grower can feel more confident that it's one less thing they can screw up. Two, some novice growers are concerned that their plant will outgrow their space (think pc case and sock drawer growers) and so purposely seek out a plant that will stay small. Third is a belief that an auto's life cycle will finish up faster. Fourth is that it is what their friends told them, who heard it from their friends, who heard it...

    I don't agree with these rationales, but I can see where users of auto's would buy into them.

    And I agree you can keep a plant the size you want and harvest it soon enough using full potency strains.

    cflGROWERanon, the results you are reporting sound like characteristics of the strains themselves not of the autoflower trait. a 100% indica put you to sleep, and you're surprised? If that's not the kind of high you want then you picked the wrong genetics. If you like the diesel, grow an auto-diesel next to a "regular" diesel and then compare.

  7. I totally agree, pure indica's ain't for me, however i liked the diesel so much I am gonna do a soma's diesel on my next grow but for now i'm doing a chiesel first (cheesexdiesel). I might just take your advise and run the diesel beside another dieselryder and compare results but for that I'd have to run the proper diesel 12/12 from seed and I'm no longer a fan of that technique so I might germ the ryder after 6/8 weeks veg for the diesel.
    however the afghani was not an autoflower, i just put her in flowering from seed
  8. I know a guy who grows an auto all of the time now. He keeps it in with his mothers under a 4' T5 unit.

    Try a Pakistan Ryder or Afghan Kush Ryder. Lots of people love them! I grew out the Pakistan and find that it hits me like a hammer. My yield was poor, less than an ounce per plant. To be fair, it was my fault not the plant's. I only used 112w of CFL to do both plants.

    BTW, all of the autoflower seeds that Attitude sells are feminized as well.

  9. not to bust your chops man ..but that is not true.. Mdanzig ,and Purple Jems are not, right off the top....

    hehe got the both those ( WoS strains up there in UMs post) on the way ..with my Purple Jems, and Auto AKs .. cool, glad to hear positive smoke reports..

  10. I stand corrected.

    I shall amend:
    "The vast majority of the autoflowering seeds sold at Attitude are feminized."

    My experiences with regular seeds have left a bad taste in my mouth. 8 out of 9 seeds were boys. I don't have any interest in breeding so I only deal with femmed seeds now. Just my opinion!
  11. While I like that people share their personal experiences when smoking, us beginners would much rather hear about the objective, factual content (since highs are rather subjective).  How fast, how much, what light, cycle, etc.... I tried growing some seeds from the bottom of a bag once and it was a stringy male (or never flowered). I don't have a green thumb and want something that takes the guess work out while I get the watering and light right. Then I can play around with the other stuff!
  12. I am not arsed about knowing the difference between auto and feminised seeds, all I know it's I ground up some smoke found a seed germinated it and boom it's in flowering already,, it's the one on the left it's 3 weeks old in flowering, this is it beside my 3 month old in flowering (northenlights cross wonderwomen) first timer here

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  13. As a newbie myself I completely understand what you mean by wanting to make sure you get it right before you start perfecting it.

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