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  1. Ok, so sick of males and the point of males. I'm going with all Feminized seeds from today forward.

    So, my question is whats a good feminized seed with High THC and Knock out Bud.
    I'm far from being a connoisseur and generally dont mind spending £30-35 (approx 75usd) and also can anyone name the best UK delivering Website, as i could buy from a supplier get anything, what would be good is someone with actual experience.

    Buds i'd seen and looked at was Grapefruit, & Cinnamon but i didnt have much time.

    Cheers in Advance
  2. Had a go with White Widow last year , no probs there , thought Id go with the same this time around if that helps :smoking:
  3. Not had White Widow bud, does it knock your socks off???
  4. Works for me , dont know about knocking socks off . My last batch gave a nice heady fealing was,nt too monged out and could still operate after the 1st half hour :D
  5. Lol, ideally i want a strain that kills you :D i mean almost bordering a coma :smoking:
  6. black domina will knock your socks off and put you in a coma
  7. Can you get all fem seeds of those black domina?
  8. ROFL...

    Just read DrChronic's site about the Black Domina..

    "A word of warning: this powerful compact Indica has had a devastating effect on many a man, leaving them apparently beaten and whipped, with a strange smile on their faces."

    Shame i dont think its feminised :(
  9. fuck feminized. you have had some bad luck. its impossible to get all male seeds if you order 10 more of them. lol. the chances are like 0.000000000000000000000001/2 that you would get 10 males, even if you get nine. you still have one female thats all you need and can rape clone that ho until she's begging for mercy.

    ive never heard of black domina so i say GET THAT SHIT SON :)
  10. It is a long shot but nothing like what you describe. The chance that 10 seeds are all male is a little over a thousand to one. So if a thousand people buy 10-paks, on average one of those people will get all males. It has to be someone.

    Femmed seed work very well, no wasted space and resources on raising males that you later throw away. Just go to Doc Chronic or Gypsy Nirvana, two good seedbanks that distribute out of the UK. They list different breeders and it specifies the feminized lines. Check their inventory, you won't have the biggest selection in the world.
  11. Yeah i know what you guys are saying but it cant be 1/1000 possibility i would say less, true they have all been male but the seeds grown are from different suppliers and are different strains (Bagseed, Mango, THC Bomb and Lowryder #2's)

    I should never have trusted those Lowryders, fuckin Ruderalis Shite!
    Paid £35 for 10 seeds and had 6 males so far out of 10...
    Seed to weed in 9 month, yeah Right!!!!

    I'll have a look at Gypsy Nirvana

    Anyone have a guide to Cloning?
  12. The chances of getting all males out of 10 seeds is 2 to the power of 10, which consequently works out to be 1 out of 1024.

    This also means that the chances of getting all females out of 10 seeds is 1/1024.

    Also, if you grow yourself one decent female, you can stress her out until she grows balls and pollinates herself...producing your feminized seeds. This will affect the yield of the decent female, but you will have feminized seeds from her.
  13. ^This is what I was saying when I said the chances are a little over a thousand to one. I wasn't guessing, I didn't want to get into a whole explanation. It isn't a matter of opinion, it is mathematical fact. Thanks for confirming Edge -- yes, the odds are exactly 1 in 1024.

    I don't fully agree on your thoughts about producing feminized, seeds, though. Inducing a female plant to produce viable feminized pollen is very tricky. It usually involves inducing only a few buds on a plant and requires very particular schedules of lighting stress as well as the use of giberellic acid in specific applications.

    If all it took is any ol' hermie to produce feminized pollen then hermies would be sought after like the golden goose. Instead, what you find is people dismayed over finding a hermie in their grow and breeders advertising proudly how they did not find any hermies in their experimental grows. In fact, if it were that easy I bet most breeders would produce feminzed seeds as their main stock.
  14. You guys are trippin me out :smoke:
  15. I happen to be extreemly stoned right now, picked up a 1/4 of AK47

    Wrecked is the word :smoke:
  16. Oh fuck... completly off track....
    Complete moment of clarity. Any good recomended feminized seed sites for UK shipping?

    Anyone happen to have any smokers experience with Grapefruit/Cinnamon or other fruity heavy stone varietys?

    These i can get :D

  17. it was more or less a joke the number i gave had a 1/2 in it. because he had ten that were already males the first time


  18. My pleasure toastybiz. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the whole feminized seeds concept, so I didn't know how hard it is to produce them. The guy I got mine from, through a friend of mine, must really know what he is doing then. I'm still trying to find out what strain they are though.
  19. plants grown from feminized seeds are no harder than any other plant to grow, its just that when you use feminzed seeds, you have a higher risk than normal for them to turn hermy a.k.a a mostly female plant that can grow male flowers, and usually is really hard to find, you could get 80% of the way through flowering and then all of a sudden a male flower grows somewhere and you don't even see it. then it will pollenate the rest of your plants, and you get seeds.

    you can still get a hermy from a female plant grown from regular old seeds, but its less likely, unless you stress the hell out of it.
  20. why not buy the seeds then? btw, I don't think the % females is 50/50, there are other factors like environment that can alter ratios. A lot of people seem to find that Serious seeds give a high %females, of the strains I've grown, the average is definitely over 50%

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