Feminized Seeds - Worth It?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TruthfulDeceit, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I'm looking at growing only 1, possibly 2 plants at a time. Very small grow. I was wondering, is spending an extra couple of dollars on feminized seeds worth it?
  2. It is usually a whole of a lot more than a COUPLE of dollars. And in my opinion no, just an expensive way to buy hermies.
  3. I was looking at Strawberry Haze seeds, 25 of those funky dollar signs for 5 seeds, which I think is like 35 bucks. That's not bad.
  4. if you are new to growing, I wouldn't start on feminized seeds because if you mess up the grow you'll be losing a fair bit of cash.

    I would start out on some decent cheaper stuff like Nirvana Seeds or Greenhouse Seed Co.

    Then once you master growing (which doesn't take long, trust me) go to fems.

    Don't worry about above post. Hermies are brought on by growing conditions; in other words the grower has poor methods that cause plants to hermie. Common causes are heat stress, poor ventilation, and inconsistent light schedules.
  5. I never buy feminised seeds and never have hermies. But know a lot of people who have bought fem seeds and got a whole load of them - not surprising, as they are the progeny of hermies.
  6. If you do get hermies from fem seeds, those seeds should be fem as well... which would be a good thing, right?

    They may throw out bananas but you should never see a male pollen sac on there. If you do then they weren't feminized seeds.

    No need to debate though really, I understand what you are saying. Fem seeds do come from Hermies but not the Hermies everyone might be picturing. To get fem seeds you need female bananas, which is not that easy to do. You need put the plants through the right kind of stress to get them. IE early flowering stages induce very low night temps and hot daytime temps (makes it stretch like a biotch so you need some space), plus mess with the light cycle; lots of darkness (48-72 hours initial flowering), then 12/12 (for a week), then back to 18/6 (but for the xtra 6 hours of light use a lower intensity so it doesn't go back to veg), then to 12/12 again (before it goes back into veg).

    Does that make sense??? Its kind of hit or miss really, thats why fem seeds are so expensive because breeders are not always successful making them each time, and you get a lot less fem seeds out of a batch than you would if it were pollinated by a male.
  7. defo worth it if you dont have the space to plant several and hope for a female.
  8. You have seen views pro and con. At the end of the day you pays your money and takes your choice. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  9. I'm not normally a real big advocate of fem seeds but if you are only growing one or two plants at a time then they could be benificial. It sucks to waste a month or more of time and expense to only end up with a male.

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