Feminized Seeds Vs Regular Seeds

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  1. So it's about damn time I start my first grow!  I've been doing research about seeds and I'm wondering if buying feminized seeds is worth the money.  I understand that female plants are what grow the THC buds so feminized seeds make sense.  But at the same time, I want to produce my own seeds, so I don't have to be buying them again.  Would it make more sense to just grow all females and pay extra money, or should i grow a mixed sex group and separate the males from the females around the start of the flowering time, and then create clones from the un-pollinated females and get rid of the males besides maybe one?  

  2. Even if you did produce seeds, do you really want to sex and remove males every grow? Not only that, each seed can have a different phenotypical expression (less genetic stability = wider variety of expression)... makes more sense to mother out the best and keep her for clones, feminized seed or not.
    There are a lot of benefits to growing from clone instead of seed, you can grow an unlimited amount of ganj from one mother plant. Also, $50 for seeds is nothing compared to the street price of an ounce.
  3. 5 seeds was 50 from nirvana US shipped to my house, if 2 plant surivives its worth it
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    Yes femmed seeds are "worth it." First you can figure a cost-per-female seed, if $50 gets you 5 seeds that's $10 per female seeds, with regular seeds if they cost $50 for 10 seeds that's still going to work out to close to the same $10 per female seed. But you won't know which seeds are males and which are females until you grow them out, which means you are spending more on soil and nutes to grow out those males, you'll need a bigger grow space so that's more lighting, more electricity, bigger volume to ventilate so stronger ventilation, etc etc -- all just to identify the roughly half of your plants you are going to toss. Oh, and you potentially are taking a greater legal risk to boot, if your state's penalties are tied to number of plants.
    Unless you specifically want to breed or you are a connoisseur of exotic strains then femmed offer tons of advantages. And I've been growing them for years and have never had a hermie or male from femmed seeds.

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