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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by DirtGrower, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. read on another site that you can "feminize" seeds w/ light poisoning or chem spray.

    didn't read much on the chem version (don't like chems on Anything I eat or smoke)
    light poison was basically turning the lights on for 1 hour in the midle of 12hr dark period to create hermies. said the hermie pollen will make feminized/hermy seed.

    has anybody tried this
    does it work
    if so, whats the hermy to female ratio
    can you trim the male parts off & get a female

    Thanx City, Dirt
  2. dont do it.

    just go the natural course
  3. ^^^ ditto ^^^ i've had it with fem seeds.........not worth the bother..........Peace out..........Sid
  4. I'm a newbie and I was thinking about making some feminized lowryder seeds. Seems like a good idea man but think about it. I would have a hard time telling a hermie from a female (although males are fairly easy to spot) and why would I want my whole garden pollinated by a plant that I can't tell is pollinating them. I agree it's probally a bigger pain in the butt than it's worth dude.
  5. isn't when you pay $160 for 10 femenised seeds from dutch passion and only get 2 good seeds out of 10, some failed to germinate, and the rest were mutants.........Peace out.........Sid
  6. were the mutants hermies?

    the fem seeds you purchased were femmed in the same fasion. either chemical or light poison hermies.

    I've been workin w/ this strain for a while & seriously think if it can be done than I can do it.

    don't have the space for a mother/clone cab so is femming the next best option ?
  7. well here's one of them, at about 2 weeks old, didn't bother to flower all of them, only 1, and yes it was hermie...............Peace out.......Sid

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  8. this is what it should look like, this is one of the 2 that's turned out o.k. so far.........Peace out..........Sid

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  9. telling ya...

    its not the point of being able to or not...ofc u can do it.

    but ur f'in up ur gene pool.
  10. look at that plant of sid's.

    doesnt that make u feel ugly inside?
  11. is that a lowryder sid?
  12. i think its bubblegum.

    personaly dont see the point of fem seeds unless you can only grow one plant at a time and it must be female. even then as sid found out its still a gamble as to weather its worth growing anyway.

    that $160 will get you ten packs of $15 seeds, if i had to spend that much on seeds id get 2 packs each of 5 strains, find some good mothers and clone clone clone.

    ok it takes a bit longer than just droppin a seed in a pot and waiting 3mths but its quicker than keep waiting for seeds that dont germ, grow fuked up, turn hermi and once you have your mothers then you have an endless surply of little female plants that cost bugger all.
  13. it's Blueberry, and i actually hate looking at that mutant, i'm not gonna any more.......lol.......*think nice plants, think nice plants*........lol..............Peace out..........Sid
  14. i knew it was one of them trendy names begining with a b :D

  15. thats 2 weeks old!? mines 2 weeks and its got only 2 sets of leaves! wha? whas goin on!?
  16. Can you tell me what website you buy your seeds from?
  17. This thread is about 5 years old.

    I never used feminized seeds back in 04, but i find nothing wrong with feminized seeds these days, maybe they've come on since then.
    Attitude seed back for me.
    Over the past couple of years I've had all good feminized seeds from these breeders: Flying Dutchmen, Dutch passion, Dinafem, Nirvana.
    I bought 40 fem seeds from Greenhouse Seeds (big bang), 3 didn't germinate and 1 turned hermie, i cant really complain, the yield was good.
  18. Although this is a old thread, feminized seeds still present the risk of hermi. I have grown out alot of female seeds and have only had a couple hermi though... And reading back sid's plant was a blueberry, Which is KNOWN for mutants in the line, and that had nothing to do with the plant being selfed.. I've grown regular blueberry seeds and 6 of 15 were mutants 3 of which never grew out of it.

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