Feminized & Regular (Explain?)

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  1. I understand that feminized seeds produce female plants.

    But are regular seeds a marketable word for male? Or just truly 50/50 when it comes to the sex.

    And why don't they make all seeds feminized?

  2. bump-a-dee. ive always been curious about how they feminize seeds too?
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    Regular seeds are 50/50 male and female on average.
    To get feminised seeds, breeders make a female become a hermaphrodite, by using a chemical, it produces male flowers and pollen, but is still genetically female. Other females get pollinated by the hermie, and the seeds will be female.
  4. didnt realise it was that simple. slap the bitch in the face, she goes herm, youve got seeds! and all girls
  5. lol, ya learn something new everyday. I have to believe there is more then that!??!?! They really make it sound like the fem process is a hard scientific equation that takes years of gene work to do.

    but i guess it makes sense... have a herm pregnate a fem... good stuff.
  6. guides are out there. Basically you shock the flower in and out of flowering stage and it will turn into hermaphrodites

    They will self-pollinate and it will all be female seeds.

    I'll be doing that with one of my females as I will be changing countries and want to bring only a few seeds with me. Want to be 100% they arent useless seeds (so I want all females)
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  8. It isn't that simple. The explanation was a quick overview, but in actual practice there are many details involved. Not any old hermie will produced feminized pollen, in fact most hermies won't. You have to take a genetically pure female and apply specific types of stress to specific budsites, not the whole plant, to get those budsites to produce outwardly male flowers (pollen sacs). This stress involves applying gibberellic acid, a plant hormone, and certain light cycle stresses. It's not easy. You do not want the plant to pollinate itself, you want to use the feminized pollen to pollinate a different female (same reason you shouldn't marry your sister, inbreeding weakens the genetic line). And once you do get the plant to produce feminized pollen the genetics are not necessarily stabilized such that they offspring won't hermie, breeders undertake a lot of work to stabilize their feminized lines.

    It is possible to make stable femmed seeds at home, even by accident, but it's a long shot. The best way to get good feminized seeds is to buy them from a reputable breeder.
  9. As toasty said, my brief explanation above was a very condensed synopsis.
  10. both cantharis and toasty deserve rep here, but I get the same message as usual. I wish I could just give out rep as deserved.....

    Anyway, any old hermie will NOT produce 100% female seeds. At best senario, they will produce 50/50 hermie to female, just as regular pollenating produces the usual 50/50 male to female ratio.

    Gibberellic acid is used for the most part b/c to naturally produce female seeds(about a 99.7% avg.) is a long process. There are a few different ways to produce female seeds naturally. 1 is using extreme light stress on females to force them into forming some male flowers which will produce a higher percentage of females from the seeds, but they are not 100% female. Time and often several cycles of growth are needed to actually find that one stubborn female that will not pop male sacks regardless of how much stress her out. This plant is rare, about 1 out of every 30 plants. This female is the one you want to pollenate w/ a reversed female if using gibberellic acid b/c you will get 100% female seeds. You can also take pollen off one of the females that showed very few male sacks(some females will hermie right out, others will only show a few sacks here & there), this will produce 90+% female seeds.

    I know it sounds easy and many people believe hermies will self pollenate and produce female seeds or the pollen off a hermie will produce female seeds, but it is not that easy. there is some very detailed and selective breeding techniques used to produce 100% female seeds, which is why they are so expensive. If it was just that easy, the seeds would not be near as valuable b/c it would take several cycles of grows to produce them.

    I use selective pollenating w/ every grow I plan to produce seed from to carry on a strain. Using various selective pollenating techniques has given me very high ratios of females to males in my seed stock.

    It is much like breeding and cubing, it sounds easy, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Breeding and producing female seeds can be very complicated and very time consuming in a grow.


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