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    Good morning grass city

    What I have pictured below is a close up of a feminized ak 47 plant which has been in veg for about a month and 2 weeks. With lst and a little topping ive managed to create about 10 main branches which I'm prepping for scrog. This morning I noticed what appeared to be male parts growing on one of the main branches but i figured I'd show you guys since a ton of y'all have way more experience than I do.

    Thanks in advance

    I'm stumped :smoking-banana:

  2. too early to know for sure. Keep an eye on it, but I've had several that started off like this and ended up showing female when I flipped them.
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  3. Lol I know the photo stinks. I'm working on it
  4. That gives me more peace of mind than I had before so I appreciate it.
    They just went in to their night cycle but I'll try to get a better photo later.

  5. yeah, realistically its not very often they show anything in veg, unless they veg for a long time. I have several that have been vegging for 30+ days now and one of them is showing already, but she is a clone anyways, so thats not surprise. I would say out of the plants I've grown, only about 25% have shown sign during veg.
    Once you flip them, even if it does grow balls, you have time. And you will FOR SURE know what it is after a week or so of 12/12!
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  6. Dope! That's good to know.
    The only reason I haven't flipped her yet is because I have 2 others which I started after her that still need to catch up in height. I'm super excited though. This will be my first time using a scrog and just finished up making it out of bamboo.

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  7. It's not uncommon for fem seeds to show preflowers in veg imo.... it generally shows around the 6 week mark... bagseeds however I have never had show before 12/12 flip just my opinion.

    Robs New Journal RQS SQ#1 Clones
  8. Not unheard of for femmes to turn out to be male. I hope this is not what's happening with you, but just letting you know.
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    I hope so too. I actually ran into an article saying the same thing.
    Is there any reason as to why this happens?
  10. Could be lots of things, I guess. They gave you the wrong version of seed accidentally. They gave you the wrong version of seed intentionally. Something went wrong and they weren't properly femmed. Something we don't understand on a plant's biological level could have happened that caused a switch. Maybe the grower did something wrong knowingly or unknowingly. Just tons of things I think could cause it. I would put my money on something with the breeder or seed bank itself for the majority of problems.
  11. Too early to say, but keep an eye on it for a few weeks in to 12/12, the calyx will probably grow the hairs your looking for, stressed females can also produce male bananas. As long as they are happy and feminized you should be safe. Grizzly
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  12. Sounds like only time will tell for sure.
    Thanks GSB your input is well taken

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