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  1. I'm planning on growing some afghan kush soon but i'm not sure what kind of seed i should buy. I want to grow at least four plants. I can get ten regular seeds for 38 usd and i can get twelve feminized seeds for 157 usd. The feminized seeds are pretty expensive for me. Would i be able to grow at least four females from the ten regular seeds? Or should i buy from some feminized seeds from someother place?
  2. If you have the ability to house a stag - safely - then i'd suggest a buublegum male in something like a 60x60x140cm tent - air filters are important.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwmS4i2D9uU]TH Seeds Bubblegum mp4 - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I prefer femmed. I know what it is when I plant it.

    With 10 regular seeds you should get at least a couple of females. It is possible to get 10 males, but quite unlikely.

    Femmed seeds are more expensive, but if you take in to account that half the regs may get discarded then they aren't that bad in comparison.
  4. You shouldn't need to pay that much of a price differential for feminized. Keep shopping.

    Nobody knows what you'll get out of 10 regular seeds, that's the problem. You could get all males, all females, or anything in between. Odds are 50/50, but over a tiny sample of just 10 anything could happen. For example, the odds of flipping a coin are 50% heads and 50% tails, but flip a coin 10 times and you could get all kinds of combinations.

    Femmed seeds are worth it (when you find them reasonably priced compared to regular). With femmed, if you want 4 plants you can sprout 4 seeds and you're on your way. With regular you would have to grow some other number, 8 would be the safe average, to get good odds of ending up with at least 4 females. In the meantime you are paying to grow out those males so extra soil, extra containers, more light, more wattage, more nutes, a larger space to hold them all, etc. Adds up. Possibly more legal risk as well. And the opposite can happen too -- what if you plant 8 hoping for 4 females and end up with 6 females? Fine if you have the space and light, but usually if you are targeting to grow 4 it's because that's the size limitation of your space.

    As for concerns about femmed, from a reputable breeder they should have no more tendency to hermie than any "regular" seed of the same strain. Just stay away from overly-exotic strains and stick to ones that the breeders have had many generations to work on and stabilize. I use femmed and have never had a hermie or a male from them.
  5. I buy femenized seeds, it's worth it in the long run. Just make sure you don't put stress such as light leaking on your plants or they will hermie.
  6. I prefer femmed seeds as i dont have room for mothers or to carry extra plants to account for males. Like toasty said, there are plenty of respected breeders that offer femmed seeds at good prices. Check out Female Seed Company.....fantastic femmed genetics at a great price.
  7. I always buy and have bought fem seeds - however i kinda regret it because there's a whole other side to the plant that we never learn about.

    About 6 months ago i bought a pack of powerplant regular seeds - with the hope of using a male to start a breeding program.

    I'm only just beginning to learn about selecting/keeping males -
  8. I kept looking around and i can get 5 femmed seeds for 35 usd. I'm pretty happy haha.
  9. Blue mystic. I was gonna grow afghan kush but i changed my mind.
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    ooo is that the original DJ short one?

    Screw Kush - it tastes like earth - i get enough earth taste when its mushroom season.
  11. Yeah it is. I love indicas haha
  12. I also love indicas - i suffer from PTSD and Epilepsy and the CBD high sativas have been observed to lower the epileptic seizure threshold - more research needs to be done but as Bayer owns the intellectual rights to CBD - more research seems unlikely.

    Does anyone know of an indica that has a very UP high?

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