feminized or not?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dr.Purple, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. i was wondering would it b best to start off with feminized seeds or regular seeds.

    with feminized you will get bud for sure. for smoke and sales

    without you could get seeds for future grows and some bud. but this bud would only be for personnel use.

    thinking bout getting pineapple express, great white shark, blue berry kush,
    ak47xNYC Diesel, white russian, and purple lady.
    i can only afford to get two maybe three.

    which shoud i buy? feminized or not feminized?
  2. it doesn't really matter dude. Kind of a personal preference sorta thing. Through all my reading up on which one to get, it seemed to come down to just whichever you feel like buying. I just bought lemon skunk fem if it helps.
  3. This debate has been raised more than once here. You will get some people, like me, who have had good luck with femmed seeds. Others say they are no good and have a tendency to end up hermie.

    If you have the extra money, and you want to try a pack go for it. Each grow and grower are different. Some will have good results like me (never had a hermie with fems) and others have had bad results. You will never know what kind of results you will have until you try it for yourself.

    Good luck.
  4. I use fems and clone them, never had a hermie yet.
  5. With the right amount of stress, yes, they will turn hermie. If they are under correct growing conditions, you shouldn't run into any problems. I never have and I only use feminised seeds. This is mainly because I only grow about one or two big plants a year. When I only grow this many a year, I cannot affor the time to have one turn up male, which is why I personally only use feminised seeds.
  6. anyone have seeds sent to the US? suggestions of places to buy feminized seeds from?
  7. Bought mine a couple days ago from Attitude, they ship to the U.S.
  8. attitude seed bank gets good reviews left and right around here
  9. THanks, just ordered some nirvana seeds, blue mystic feminized and they're sending a UFO 1. SO, whatever that means hopefully some good dope will be growing soon
  10. where did you buy from and do they ship to US and Canada?
  11. I bought some from Nirvana as well, should be here anyday now... Fem Kaya Gold
  12. I too just received an order in the US from Attitude. Go for the guaranteed stealth.
  13. I say buy regular seeds, sprout them all, grow them all up (separating the boys from the girls of course) then take your biggest strongest best looking guy, and that dead sexy lady you have been keeping a close eye on all those weeks and move them off on there own and let them get it on! next thing you know Lots of baby seeds for you to be a proud grandparent to and grow up big and strong and share with your friends.

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