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  1. Hey everybody. This is my first post, first time visiting these forums, and my first time growing myself some nug.

    So, a few weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided to pick up a few seeds from the Attitude Seed Bank. We ordered a 5 pack of fem. barneys farm honey B (sativa)and a 3 pack of fem. World of Seeds med. collection Mazar & White Rhino. They hooked us up with "free" feminized white widow seed, a cali hash plant seed, and an autoflowering roadrunner.

    Right now, Ive got 2 honey Bs, 1 Mazar/WR, the roadrunner, and a mersh seeds(just fa fun). Theyre under 7 23w CFL(2700k) and 4 15w tube floros(6500k). There oldest one popped through the soil 2 weeks ago.

    Im a little embarrassed with my set up, so dont laugh at it. Anyways, here the first of many updates. Any comments, suggestions , and stuff like that are strongly encouraged.

    Have a great day guys.
  2. It wouldnt let me post my pictures so here they are. More later.

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  3. lookin ok so far but make can reflecters for the lights or go on to ebay.ie and you can get a hps for bout 40 delivered :smoke:

  4. $40 on ebay with shipping? Im not so sure about that, bub. I thought they were roughly the same price only increasing slightly as you go up from 250, 400, 600... Which is why i dont have one yet. Im not ready to invest all that money when i feel like a total rook.
  5. yo, looks like you said u were using 2700k spectrum light bulbs, your gonna want the 6500k spectrum lights for vegging 2700k for flowering,

    edit: i just saw that u had 6500k tubes, your still gonna want more watts of the 6500k than the 2700k, it will help with vegging tremendously
  6. Yeah, i know i got mostly the wrong bulbs. I just dont want 20+ cfls rolling around the crib.

    I transplanted the largest plant last night. I know, it was too early but im antsy as hell. Im 90% it was successful though, they usually show signs of a screw up in 24hrs.

    Im going to go to work on my set up later tonight so its not so ghetto. Ill get some fresh pics too.
  7. Really, nothing new. Temps are around like 75-80. The transplant seems like it went well.

    The tall ones are the honey b. The wide leaves are the mazar/w-r

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  8. Dude, set yourself up with proper light fixtures, you are wasting so much energy with all those random light stands.
    You will do so much better.
    Also, wouldn't switch to hps. Not in that space, too hot.
  9. I put my lights between 1/2' and 2 inches from my plant. Cfl's work pretty good, but only when very close to the plant. You will end up with a lot of stretch with your lights so far away.:wave:
  10. So, ive been working real hard this afternoon to get rid of that embarrassing retarded lamp set up. I got these "bath-bars" at the home depot today. I just finished wiring and rigging everything up.

    So now i have twelve 23w CFL (2700k) and two 27w CFL (6500k). Im not setting up the shitty under-cab tube floros, even though theyre 6500k. In total, ive got 22,000 lumens.

    Im getting two more of those bath-bars tomorrow. I didnt want to buy 4 of them today and have to return alllllll 4 tomorrow if they sucked. I guess its the same as buying 2 one day, and buying 2 the next. Whatever.

    I also transplanted the roadrunner into a bigger pot. Its the smallest of the plants, but the roots were popping out of the peat pot.

    Anyways heres my new, not-so-shitty CFL closet setup. The bars are lower, that was just while i was getting stuff set up.

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  11. Why damn! Ive got me some heat problems now. Shes clockin in at about 94 as we speak. Ive got a window fan (not the giant box fans, the one with two smaller fans) leaning on the left side of my light bars, takin the hot air away from the plants.

    I just put another fan blowing cool air into the plants. The right side of the closet door is open, the window in the room is wide open, and the door to the room is wide open.

    Temps should be fine once the sun goes down, but Im thinking tomorrow im going to have to turn some lights off while im not at home to moniter.
  12. Those fixtures look a lot better than what you had before. Only issue I see now is that cfl's seem to be more efficient horizontally rather than vertical. If there was a way to mount those bars back to back, you could have your cfl's horizontal, and your plants would really like that. I use splitters which makes the cfl sit at about a 45 degree angle, not optimum, but somewhat better than vertical. I am watching how things work out for you!
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    I read the first two lines and i had to say thank you. I wanted them side ways but i could only think of mounting them on the walls. Thanks dog. Im getting two more of those light bars and some more 65hundos along with some more 27s for later. Theyre loving the new lights and its gotten pretty damn cold out so the heat issues resolved until moring.

    Tomorrows project is getting everything set up, and sit them all sideways.
  14. I got two more light bars, more 23w 27hundos, and more 27w 65hundos. I wired up the new bars, i just havent had the time to transplant the other plants, and install the bars.

    Not much new, no heat problems.

    I can only load one of the pictures i took this morning. Its of the biggest honey b.

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  15. looin nice, i will be following
  16. How much did the bath bars cost ya?
  17. These ones were $12.97. They have a few different kinds at the home depot, but they all just vary in the amount of bulbs and price. Theyre made to be hard wired in the wall, but i bought a lamp cord thing and just wired that up myself. The lamp cord was $5.
  18. Theyre growing nicely, you guys were right about the 6500k. Theyre lovin it. Ive been mad busy the last two days with homework, i still need to install my new bath bars and transplant the remaining plants.

    Anyways, plants from left to right. Honey b (oldest), mazar/white rhino, Honey b (lookin super sexy today), the roadrunner (transplant went well), and my nutrient burned mersh plant.

    Were looking a little droopy on the older honey b.

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  19. Its about god damn time.

    Ive got a white poster board curved over the lights as a reflector, seems to work decently.

    Its nothing special, i know, but its MUUUUUCCCCCHHH better than that joke i started out with.

    Right now i got 4 bath bars packin 12 (23w) 2700k CFL and 4 (27w) 6500k CFL. 24800 Lumens total.

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  20. Temps are perfect and the closet is just beginning to stink like herb when i open the door.

    More pics of the babies later.

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