Feminists And The True About Wage Gaps

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  1. Sorry about title wrote fast it should say Feminists And The Truth About Wage Gaps

    Getting back to it.

    Feminist women earn less because they choose different professions and work shorter hours and easier jobs(men make up 93% of workplace deaths) dont believe me then please look at this report by consad research corp prepared for THE DEPT OF LABOR explaining the exact reasons for the so called "wage gap".

    Gender Wage Gap Final Report

    If link doesnt work the google "consad gender wage gap"

    Its so typical of feminists to the "wage gap" whenever any type of male issue is discussed.

    Men make up 80% of suicides

    Feminist response: "Well women still earn less so lets continue to concentrate on only them."

    Men get much harsher sentences for the same crime compared with females.

    Feminist response: "Women still earn less

    Their are 10 national offices for womens health none for mens.

    Feminist response: "Well women still earn less."
  2. In my 20's I had a job as an assistant manager of a store. I worked far more hours than any other person in that store including the actual manager who (because of health issues) had to lean on me to run the store which I did, and did well. Our profits and productivity were up and our bonuses were at max because of the 80+ hours a week I put into the job. I also wrote a little program that shortened our nightly closing procedure and was so handy that it got sent out to other stores. Being short handed, we needed another assistant manager so that I could have at least one day a week off. We just didn't have any qualified applicants for the job, so we instead promoted our warehouse guy to a management trainee and from the first day, even in training with no experience, he was paid more than me.

    This was one example but I have tons more both from me and my girlfriends.

    That is why we bitch about the inequality. Because it does exist and it pisses us off that men continue to think that it's their right to be: paid more, to fondle our breasts or grab our asses, and to engage in conversations filled with sexual innuendo both to our faces and behind our backs. That doesn't even bring up the fact that 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted at least once in their lifetime. I have had more than one man use force/violence upon me for things like grabbing my breasts. I have had a man threaten to come to my home at night and rape me. I have had peeping toms jerking it at my bedroom window, and in the parking lot of my place of employment. Those are just a few of the incidents that I have experienced personally.

    I get that you don't want women to have special treatment, and I kind of agree with you on that. I also hate affirmative action for the same reason, but the reason women keep bringing it up, is because it hasn't been fixed. I and many other women I know, have gone through the exact thing that you are claiming doesn't actually exist and why would a woman care that men are having issues when all that shit I said, happened to one person, me.

    So when you fix all that shit I mentioned, I'll join with you in admonishing feminists for being selfish and not caring about manly statistics.

    Please note that people always say I sound angry when I post stuff in this tone of voice. I'm not angry, not even disagreeing with the disturbing issues you brought up (suicide, workplace deaths), but please don't try to act like men are really the victims in the modern world, because it's bullshit.
  3. Your post seem so freaking scripted. You work for HBGary? Seriously, who the hell can work 80 hours a week? I tried 80 a few times, it's freaking impossible, in fact it sounds like you've never worked a day in your life with that smug comment. 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted? What a joke, why don't you tell that to the millions of men in and were in prison that get/got raped repeatedly on a daily bases.

    Perhaps why this man got paid more in this fantasy episode you placed yourself in is because he could lift more than 30 pounds of weight to stock items. :wave:
  4. 80 hour work weeks are definitely possible. I've done it. My dad's done it and my grandfathers have done it. 12 hours a day is 84 hours a week. That leaves plenty of time sleep and even relax for a tiny bit...

    There definitely are a lot of people who still don't treat women as equals; however, the scale is starting to tilt the other way. Yes, women are still victimized at the hands of men, but women are also victimizing men. Sometimes through the very court system which is supposed to afford everyone equal protection under the law.

    No one has a right to be paid more or the same as some co-worker. If you don't like the contract of employment, you're free to quit.
  5. I spoke of things that were traumatic and that horribly affected me. I tried to speak to you from the heart, in an open manner so that you could see it from a woman's perspective, and your reply is to call me a liar, Predictable.

    I never said men should be raped in prison. I find that horrible.

    As to the work hours: I showed up from 5:30-6:30 depending on how much restocking had to be done before we opened. I was in the store until I had done the nights closing books. I usually got in my car to drive home around 8:30 that's a 13-15 hour day. I was occasionally able to take Sunday off, but it was a big shopping day so more often then not I couldn't. So I generally worked 6-7 days a week. 14 hours a day 6 days a week. It is possible, it happens to a lot of people who are paid on salary.
  6. I agree things are getting better, and yes there are women who take advantage of men through the courts with false claims of rape, or even preference of mothers over fathers in custody battles. The reason I even bothered to reply to the OP, is that there is a growing number of men who are trying to claim that the greviences women have are invalid.
  7. Feminists want all the benefits of being equal, with all the benefits of gender roles, this is why I cannot take them seriously.
  8. Where the punchline? Lol
  9. Anyone who can work a 80-84 hour work week isn't working hard I'm sorry to say but getting back to it. When I got kicked out of school at 15 I started working as a roofer, then at a time a plumber apprentice, later on construction installing pipes in high rises, eventually saving enough to start my own transportation business. None of those jobs gave benefits, sure the pay was good, but there was no health benefits, 401k, child daycare, workers comp since most of the jobs we did we worked under the table, and I'm an American citizen.

    The mentality was, you work to get paid then you go home. If you don't show up the next day or you get injured tough shit, the employer will just find another guy to replace you. Do you think the Bosses gave a fuck? They didn't even want to pay you for the day half the time.

    When I hear feminist talk about how men are getting paid far more than women in the work place I have to chuckle, since all round women are getting more out of working these days than men if you count all the benefits that come along with a nurse job or secretary.
  10. I think that's an over-generalization but I'm not really sure what you mean specifically. But I'm not a feminist so I can't really answer to that anyway.

  11. I don't think so, since I see feminists as a different thing to logical people that think all people should be equal.

  12. First off I'm not showing you any compassion lady. Specially with narrow minded dogma.

    Stocking toilet paper, walking around meeting people, and sitting at a desk doodling isn't hard work sweet heart, specially with all, the benefits that come with it. :smoke:
  13. Okey Dokey. Have fun with your 'hard' work that makes you so much better than everyone else. You could have been a nurse, still can, if you think that is an awesome job.

    Not only that, but women do have jobs besides nurse or secretary and any man with that job would get the same benefit package so you are just talking shit now. Have a nice day!
  14. OP has mommy issues.
  15. Do feminists even still exist?
  16. Yeah, why don't you take your preppy ass out of my thread since you can't stand the heat and like to cry poor mouth. While you're at it don't let the door hit your ass on your way out, I don't feel like being sued for sexual harassment. :wave:
  17. You're right. Nurses don't work hard. Doctors don't work hard. Entrepreneurs don't work hard. Only construction workers and people doing manual labor work hard. :rolleyes:

  18. Yeah and everyone can be a doctor and Entrepreneur until the time when they need to take a shit, go to the grocery story to stock pile on food, or let alone have a roof under their head. But that's ok, I guess illegal immigrates and third world countries can do that work. :rolleyes:

    I can see the government propaganda in school systems and tax paying dollars have done good work these last few decades. :smoke:
  19. stupid post.... be a man a quit bitchin about women gettin "special treatment"
  20. I think that's awesome (your work ethic), I've also worked similar situations but I do not think this is discriminatory at all. Their are many other things that could have been in play than your sex organs.

    1. He might have already been making more than you in the warehouse
    2. He may have realized how much your company needed someone and negotiated better.
    3. You identified the need to get at least one day off, if I were an employer I would understand this request in your circumstance. However, you should have asked for days off and a raise.

    Definitely, very obscene things. As a man I've always questioned women who cite these horrible things but continue to put themselves in these environments. This is not an "it's your fault statement", but no means am I trying to sound that way. It's always the aggressors fault with sexual assault. What I am saying is this: What stops you from starting your own business? You've definitely proven you have the motivation, capability, skill and talent. If it were me I would find that liberating. If it were me, I would see that as an option.

    Affirmative action will never be fixed. If we could write a law that ended rape it'd have happened already. The truth is you are dealing with human behavior.

    Oki doke, just remember no one on this side of the sexual aisle asked for your admonishing.


    I sound angry too, s'ok. Well, I'd say you're doing exactly what men do then and are no better. Obviously some men care more about the stress and it's affects on men in the workplace than they do about women and their stress. Just like right now, you choose to care more about the circumstance of women in the workplace than a mans.

    Totally fine, but just realize you aren't any type of moral crusader, you're just the same as us.

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