Feminist wigs out on pick up artist

Discussion in 'General' started by llllllllll, Jan 23, 2014.

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    <sup>Autism powers activate</sup>
    She even sounds ugly

  2. Get to know her before he gets her name? 
    "Alright, now that we've been dating for a month, can I get your name?"
    Like wtf lol.
  3. haha that was priceless, that chick needs to calm the hell down and spark a joint. "do i have to give you my name?" man thank god not everyone acts like that
  4. she should have just said she was a lesbian and been done with it..
  5. "you're a douchebag"
    "i'm a douchebag?"
    "you're a douchebag"
  6. She is so embarrassing. 
  7. "do you even smoke cigarettes because your just holding it." hahahaha
    i really don't want to believe she was serious.

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  8. She needs the weed.
  9. fixed that for you homie
  10. Oh this just made my morning haha
  11. This made my morningSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  12. Lol this guy was trolling hard! hahahahaha
  13. "Your mom should go on doctor Phil" had me rolling
  14. Bitch is trippin hard
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Sounds drunk or off her meds... no joke. Obviously got pounded and ditched last night.sent from underneath my balls
  17. Haha the guys hilarious
  18. This actually just sounds like a person who maybe has mental or behavioural issues... Not a feminist. It's more sad than anything :/

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